Another intense episode filled with striking visuals and contrasts.
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A Tale Of Two Quests On ‘Samurai Jack’

Jack and Ashi must overcome a series of dangerous physical and spiritual tests in order to recover Jack’s long lost sword.

This episode was an intense ride. It begins with a flashback which shows how Jack lost his sword in the first place. It can be assumed this was where Jack started his descent into self loathing and madness. Considering it involved him seeing the last time portal in the world being destroyed, losing his sword, and being tricked into killing innocent creatures it’s hard to blame him for being so torn up about the incident. Those baby rams were adorable and Aku turned them into evil murder machines. Low blow there buddy.

As the search for the sword continues, Ashi and Jack each go on journey. Jack goes into deep meditation to magically connect with the weapon, while Ashi find she has to fight off an entire army to protect him. There is a distinct difference between these two scenes. Jack’s is peaceful and full of bright and calming colors. Ashi’s battle is full of rage and lays on the intensity so think you can cut it with a knife. It’s a polarizing episode which leaves you hanging on with interest until the very end. It’s also good to see the ancient beings which helped to form the sword make a comeback.


At the end, Jack and Ashi find themselves with a new mission which will no doubt run to the end of this series. They have to track down Aku and ends things with him. What about the Scotman and all his daughters? Where are they? Only three episodes are left and the series will be over. It’s too soon. The show is just too good. We need more of this quality animation in our lives on a daily basis.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Another intense episode filled with striking visuals and contrasts.A Tale Of Two Quests On 'Samurai Jack'