Slow and the most exposition filled episode of this new season so far.
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A Slow Build Happening In ‘Attack On Titan’

The latest episode of Attack on Titan is the weakest to come from the season so far. Of course considering, what’s happened so far, with the Beast Titan and Sasha having her moment, it was only a matter of time before they reached an episode which was heavy on the dialogue. The excessive talk is pointant thought and it is building towards something greater.

What was covered in episode 28, “Southwestward?” A lot actually. Two scouting parties meet up who were searching for a whole in the wall and report nothing. This means the Titans didn’t breach the wall at all. Which could only mean they came from the inside. (Insert dramatic music)

Levi shows Minister Nick what happens to the population after a Titan attack. The shock of seeing others in peril gets him to give them a hint of who can give them the answers. Oh who could it be? Like they aren’t given some pretty big hints. It’s a woman, she joined the scouting team, and she’s currently out right now. Leaves only two real possibilities Ymir and Christa.

So, Levi and the others will be heading out to find the two next episode. Unfortunately, they are currently under attack by a group of Titans who able to walk at night. Man, they are just throwing the rules right out the window this season. Also, the Beast Titan looks like he is leaving. He better not be disappearing over the wall for the rest of the season.

All in all not a bad episode despite not much action. A truly bad episode of this show would involve the animation quality taking a major dip while at the same time the episode doesn’t have any substance. This is just one of those episodes where more time was spent on setup than on killing monsters. These episodes are necessary and won’t hurt the overall story as long as they aren’t abundant. Besides, seeing Sasha’s face as she’s offered a baked potato is adorable.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Slow and the most exposition filled episode of this new season so far. A Slow Build Happening In 'Attack On Titan'