A New Twitter Timeline Is Headed Your Way

After years of wanting to give their users the most unique experience possible, Twitter has finally decided to change things up. Soon users will find their timelines will be organized towards what is relevant to the user’s interests and which posts are getting the most feedback instead of just posting the most recent tweets of those they follow. This means those tweets which are being favorited and shared more will be displayed higher in your timeline compared to ones not getting as much attention.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO has been wanting to change the timeline since 2014. Despite his insistence on wanting to make alterations to this feature, there is little talk of any of the improvements fans are demanding such as longer character limits for their tweets.

The news of this new algorithmic based timeline has not been met with the best results. The hashtag #RIPtwitter has already surfaced, and many users have already begun weeping over the impending change. Luckily, there has been confirmation this new timeline is an opinion which can be turned on and off so people will be able to keep the timeline they have always have. Still, the talk of change may cause some users to swear off the service, insisting it isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.


Anthony Wendel
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