Latest Tekken Talk Reveals Some Great Updates in Tekken 7

A rundown of the most recent Tekken Talk.

Tekken 7 is coming to the US soon with some surprising and embraceable updates according to the Tekken Talk with Mark “MarkMan” Julio,  Dalton Link and Maximilian Dood. Expect some fun new things to do in the Tekken universe and some shout outs to generations gone by. So here are a few highlights from the over an hour long talk.

New Characters

Tekken Characters

Tekken 7 will have a few new characters and some familiar faces. The Mishima clan in all their glory get another chapter of their ill-fated destiny written. Some notable mentions being added to the roster is Street Fighter’s Akuma and the narcoleptic vampire favorite from Tekken Revolution Eliza. They are joined by new fighters like Claudio Serafino an Italian light magic wielder and Katarina Alvez a seemingly none capoeira using fighter from Brazil.  What can adding another Mishima to the clan hurt?  Nothing at all. The more Mishima the better is the rule.  The mother of monsters or tigers as it were, Kazumi Mishima, the wife of Heihachi is revealed as the final boss fight.

New Functionality

While Tekken has its detractors in regards to fighting game fan bases when it comes to functionality, this version is seeking to relieve some of that stress.  Specifically with a tournament ready focus. The game will have a tournament mode setting.  This will set matches to 5 rounds instead of just 3. Players will be able to customize detailed controller functions and even test controllers before playing.

Now we will know if ‘Insert friend name here‘ is telling the truth when they claim a loss due to a faulty controller. This also takes away some of the false starts that happen due to controller testing. The function is built to adjust and respond to a specific controller function to start a match.  Story to game play visuals have been streamlined also. There is very little difference from in fight graphics and cut scene graphics.

New Stages New Play

Tekken 7 has made a commitment to a better game experience. New mutable stages have been added.  These stages change with dynamic weather effects and based on the level of the character. Besides the tournament focus Tekken 7 aims to be a more fleshed out game by offering an updated monetary system that allows even more customization than offered by previous editions. Almost all play will earn bucks. However the Treasure Battle mode let’s gamers earn game customizations out right from treasure chests no less. Gamers will have access to ten slots per character for their own character mods. Most notable is the addition of New Japan Pro Wrestling customizations like Bullet Club shirts and some fun King ring gear.

Tekken 7 King

Practice mode has a streamlined modification where all of the gauges can be pulled out leaving clean stark screens. This mode will let the gamer record practice sequences and combos. Tekken 7 will feature ten levels of difficulty which will effect the way modes of play work. For example Promotion Battles, which pit the player against harder AI fights are to gain rank, better items and better battles. Also fighting mechanics alter in certain battles such as in Turbo Battles where juggling effects intensify.


If this game had a middle name it would be customization. The Jukebox and Gallery modes allow players to revisit music and movies from previous Tekken games. Players can change select character’s outfits to throwbacks from previous titles.  They can replace the current soundtrack entirely with the soundtrack of any available previous game soundtrack. But that’s not all. Players can change life bars, add custom subtitles to characters and even add New Japan Pro Wrestling plates to character profiles. Even though Tekken 7 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, a decent amount of these customizations will be exclusive to the PS4 platform. Double check before getting your heart set on these mods if you are not on a PS4.


I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the June release. Showing up for the story, staying for the fights.

What are your thoughts on some of the Tekken reveals? Comment below.

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