6 Shows To Binge-Watch Before Fall TV Season Starts

Summer is coming to an end, which means, tons of new and returning shows will soon take over your TV. In the meantime, not much is on right now.

So, if you’ve been meaning to watch “that” show a friend recommended months ago, now’s the perfect.

Here’s a list of six shows you should binge before fall TV season starts:


Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger ThingsI can’t talk about this show enough. If you haven’t watched this ’80s-inspired supernatural drama, you’re missing out.

There are so many references to the decade of big hair and MTV. You’ll have fun just counting them. Plus, the show is only eight episodes.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

Black MirrorKeeping with the “strange” element, this BBC production is a definite must-see.

The series takes a dystopian view of the world and technology.There are two seasons, but you only have to binge six episodes. The third season premieres Oct. 21. Plenty of time.

The Fall (Netflix)

The FallA third season of this slow-burn detective series premieres this fall.

In the meantime, you can catch up on two seasons (11 episodes) before then. Gillian Anderson plays a chilly detective determined to catch a serial killer (Jamie Dornan) who targets women.

The Night Of (HBO)

The Night OfFan of the crime story genre? Enter HBO’s newest series The Night Of.

It’s set in New York City and revolves around the murder of a young woman on the Upper West Side. Nazir Khan, a Pakistani-American, is accused of the murder. Each episode reveals the flaws in the criminal justice system. The finale of the eight-part series airs Aug. 28.

Supergirl (The CW)

SupergirlSupergirl had a rocky first season. The show, which originally aired on CBS, had huge ratings during its premiere. However, viewership declined in the weeks that followed.

Before the season one finale it was able to attract more viewers. It’s a good thing more people gave the show a chance, because there’s a lot to like. One, it’s about hope which is a refreshing break from the bleak and dark. Also, it has a strong female character in the lead. Top it off with a good support team that includes James “Jimmy” Olsen and a Flash crossover, and you’re in for 20 episodes of fun.

Supergirl moved to The CW for season 2. The season premiere airs Oct. 10.

Mr. Robot (USA)

Mr. RobotNo list would be complete without including what is arguably one of the best shows on TV.

This highly-addictive hacker drama is full of surprises and edge-of-your seat moments. Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) gets deeply involved with fsociety, a group intent on taking down a company called Evil Corp.

We (the audience) get most of our information from Elliot who is not the most reliable narrator. Is he really talking to someone or is it just his mind playing tricks? Did that really happening or did he imagine it? Mr. Robot keeps you guessing with each episode.

Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter
News junkie by profession, pop-culture junkie in life. A self-described TV fanatic, Ashley watches more television than should be humanly possible. Some of her favorites include Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot and Stranger Things. She'll also watch almost anything from the BBC. When not watching TV or writing about it, you can find her at Disney World; she practically lives there.