5 Crucial Comics Coming Out This Week – The Clock Starts Ticking

There are more comic books to choose from now than ever were before. The industry is filled with so many wonderful options for every type of reader. Allow me to point you in the direction of a few that I think are crucial comic pulls for 11/22/17.


Doomsday Clock #1



The moment is finally upon us, what we’ve all been waiting for since Geoff Johns dropped DC Universe Rebirth #1 on us over a year ago. Doomsday Clock teams the god of DC Comics, Johns, with superstar artist Gary Frank to bring the Watchmen officially into the DCU.

What has been brewing in the background of almost all DC Rebirth titles finally comes to the forefront. This will most likely be the biggest comic book of the year. DC promises that readers are “not prepared” for what lies ahead.


Thanos #13

Donny Cates is one of the hottest writers in comics over the past year. Last week, he unleashed his first Marvel comic with Doctor Strange, this week he takes us to the cosmos with Thanos. He’s continuing the story that Jeff Lemire told for the preceding twelve issues, which was stellar.

Cates has a lot to prove out of the gate, but if his Strange was any indication, he’s more than up to the task. “Thanos Wins” Part One sees the “Mad Titan” return to power across the galaxy. Lemire took us on a journey to break Thanos down to the lowest of low.

He’s clawed his way back to prominence, leaving blood spray and craters in his wake. Donny Cates is going to show us how scary Thanos can be now that he’s returned to form. Donny also brings along his God Country partner, Geoff Shaw.


Detective Comics #969


Tim Drake has returned to the Bat-Family, but in doing so the family has been broken. With art by Alvaro Martinez and Eddy Barrows, “Fall Of The Batmen” puts the team to the test, pushing them while they’re most vulnerable. We’ll also get to see what happens with Spoiler now that Red Robin has returned from an alleged death.

James Tynion IV’s Detective run may not make as much noise as Tom King’s Batman, but it’s been just as consistently great. The title focuses more on the Bat-Family, giving readers plenty of face time with Batman’s most trusted allies. Batman has a full plate of conflicts to address as he finally has the whole team back together.


X-Men: Gold #16


X-Men crossover “Mojo Worldwide” has ended, now our favorite mutants head to the Negative Zone. “The Dartayus Odyssey” Part One is a healthy change of pace for X-Men: Gold, taking the team somewhere outside of the city (and Earth). Marc Guggenheim and company have done a great job so far with this team.

Some of the greatest X-Men stories of all-time have taken place in space, they’re no stranger to cosmic battles. Having them take a trip to the Negative Zone should be no different. The mission statement for both ResurreXion and Marvel Legacy was about returning these characters to their classic glory. Throwing a team of X-Men into a strange and dangerous dimension is another step in the right direction.


Redneck #7


Donny Cates strikes again! His Image Comics series about a southern family of vampires begins it’s second arc. This has been one of the most enjoyable horror comics of 2017. Cates, along with Lisandro Estherren and Nick Pitarra, deliver a unique twist on the concept of bloodsuckers.

“The Eyes Upon You” starts with the Bowman family on the run and taking us someplace new. Cates plays with the rules of being a vampire and wraps it in a twisted family experience. If you haven’t been reading the series, catch up with the recently released collection of Redneck #1-6.


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