5 Crucial Comics Coming Out This Week – Sorcerers Getting Weird

There are more comic books to choose from now than ever were before. The industry is filled with so many wonderful options for every type of reader. Allow me to point you in the direction of a few that I think are crucial comic pulls for 11/15/17.



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Following the big space adventure and trial of Krang, our heroes in a half shell return home to Earth. There’s some major fallout from the trial of the universe, including the Triceratons returning to Earth as well. It was promised to them as their new home after having fought many wars for another race and helping to secure Krang.

TMNT doesn’t get enough credit for how long it’s been going, and how long it’s been good. It’s the longest running Ninja Turtles comic book series in history, and for good reason. This new arc should be explosive and heavy. When the brothers left New York, it wasn’t exactly in the best shape.

They have a lot more on their plate than the impending invasion of dinosaur-aliens. This is the start of a five-part story, a perfect jumping on point for anyone looking to get more into our favorite mutant teenagers.



If you missed the phenomenal introductory issue, pick up the second printing this week along with issue two. Maestros is an inter-dimensional shit-show that takes the concept of wizardry in a very different direction.

Cranking up the strange and unusual, Steve Skroce (writer and artist) is building something spectacular and different. Even if you’re not usually into fantasy books, this series is worth checking out for it’s unique take on the genre.



Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun’s genre-mashing epic has taken no time at all to immerse readers in a dangerous and exciting world. Will and the group of people he’s taken on as a job look to face some serious trouble on their journey.

There are a ton of mysterious characters lurking in the shadows of this world. We’ve only just begun to explore this fascinating landscape. The little bit we’ve seen has been brutal and unique, this is already one of the best new series of the year.



Donny Cates has been absolutely on fire recently with his indie books (Baby Teeth, God Country, Rednecks). He takes over Doctor Strange as the title makes its Marvel Legacy debut.

After last seeing the God of Mischief in Marvel Legacy #1, Loki has taken over the Sorcerer Supreme role from Stephen Strange. This new direction for the title is an ambitious one, Cates brings a lot to table potentially. In his cache of writing tools, Donny brings a horror sensibility to a book that works best when diving deep into the abnormal.



In one of the bolder moves for Marvel Legacy, Frank Castle finds himself in the vacant War Machine armor. As Rhodey is no longer with us, and with Frank being eager to return to work after Secret Empire, is Punisher’s new look in poor taste or in honor of a fallen hero?

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, and art by Guiu Vilanova, there are a lot of questions to start this new chapter in Castle’s life. A lot of Legacy‘s shifts in focus were reverting back to a more classic take for most titles. Punisher is going in the opposite direction and exploring places we’ve never been with the character.



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