5 Crucial Comics Coming Out This Week – Horn Head & Moon Knight Enter ‘Legacy’

There are more comic books to choose from now than there ever were before. The industry is filled with so many wonderful options for every type of reader. Allow me to point you in the direction of a few that I think are crucial comic pulls for 11/8/17.


Daredevil #595




If you haven’t been reading Charles Soule’s spectacular Daredevil run, stop depriving yourself. Soule has been telling classic Horn Head stories long before the Marvel Legacy mission statement was mandated. This will be his twenty-ninth issue with the character.

Keeping a creative team together consistently at Marvel or DC is virtually impossible these days. Daredevil is one of the rare gems that utilizes the artist rotation as a strength. Not every collaboration has been a home run, but for the most part it’s been spectacular (especially when Ron Garney and Matt Milla are involved). Stefano Landini steps in on pencils to kick off the first arc under the Legacy banner.

Matt Murdock has returned to Hell’s Kitchen, after a long trip searching for his protege, only to find that Wilson Fisk has been elected mayor. Daredevil’s greatest enemy is now in control of the city he loves, will Matt choose to fight this with his fists or briefcase? This should be a great jumping on point for those that have been looking to get in on the Soule-Man’s blind ninja-lawyer adventures.

Port Of Earth #1


A brand-new series by Top Cow/Image Comics written by Zack Kaplan. Port Of Earth sees humanity strike a deal with alien diplomats who want to use our oceans as a fuel source in exchange for advanced technology. Things don’t go as planned, the intergalactic agreement starts to deteriorate and the public want answers.

We got to take an early look at this issue and it’s fantastic. If you enjoy movies like District 9 or thought-provoking sci-fi comics, this is a must-read. Andrea Mutti and Vladimir Popov provide the art and immediately immerse us in a familiar world with tension building and pressure building.

Slots #2


If you missed out on Slots #1 last month, pick up the second printing along with the second issue. Join Stanley Dance as he navigates the sleazy underbelly of Las Vegas in pursuit of redemption by way of stepping back into the boxing ring he clearly left a long time ago.

Writer Dan Panosian introduces readers to an intoxicating cast. The handful of character we meet are as real as it gets in the dirty corners of Vegas. Our main character is a total scumbag, but one that we can’t help but adore as he wields old charm and quick wit.

Panosian also provides the art for the book, which is an absolutely gorgeous spectacle. The setting provides the perfect back drop to this colorful and natural crew. You’ll want to investigate every dirty corner of the city in Slots.

Moon Knight #188


Another character making their Marvel Legacy debut is Moon Knight. We’ve been without Marc Spector since Jeff Lemire’s brilliant run ended earlier this year. Max Bemis takes over writing duties and promises to keep the crazy coming.

Keeping up the Legacy theme of focusing on classic hero versus villain comic book glory, this issue will apparently introduce Moon Knight’s greatest nemesis. Having his head on straight(er), Spector finds himself back on home turf, but how long can he keep it together this time?

This is the start of a entirely new run, so it’s a jumping on point for everyone! Lemire left some big shoes to fill, Bemis seems to be aware of this and anxious to try and push the character even further.

Mister Miracle #4


This one’s a no-brainer, if you aren’t already reading Mister Miracle, it’s on purpose. Tom King is a man on fire right now, this book is a true testament to that. He’s not the only one, artist Mitch Gerads is as well. Together they’re taking Scott Free to a place we’ve never seen him go before.

Mister Miracle is a game changer, raising the bar significantly on visual storytelling and layouts. This is the kind of comic you read more than once immediately. It’s a unique take, giving the character a much needed refreshing. You’ll no doubt see this series on a lot of lists at the end of the year.

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