Monkeys Fighting Robots

2017 was a fantastic year for comics. It seemed like every week New Comic Book Day had something awesome to offer. We had exciting big events, awesome new titles, talented and vocal creators and new and old characters being brought into the spotlight. In short, abundant and overwhelming.

It was also a busy year for me, so instead of taking the usual ‘Top 10’ approach, I am doing something different. What you have here are five things I LOVED about comics in 2017. I broke it up into six categories (it still HAS to be some kind of a list): Writer, Artist, Character, Title, Publisher, and New Title. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, or what have you. Enjoy!

2Character: Kite-Man

“Hell Yeah” became my go-to catchphrase in 2017 and it was all due to fucking Kite-Man. With ‘The War Of Jokes And Riddles’, Tom King (see!) turned this obscure DC character into a tragic anti-hero. In a story that featured almost every member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, Charles Brown managed to come out as the most memorable. Integral to both the plot and theme of a very dense arc, Kite-Man instantly became a much talked about and loved character.

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