2016: Top Ten Moments From Comic Book Movies & TV

2016 has seen an incredible amount of comic book properties on the big and small screen. Although there have been some great overall shows, seasons, episodes and films, I’m choosing to look at my ten favorite moments or scenes from any given comic book property.

10. Zoom Unmasked (The Flash Season 2)

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Us Flash fans were waiting so long for this reveal, which is part of the reason it’s on this list. A character well acquainted with the audience, known as a good guy, was just revealed to be the season’s big bad who had previously almost killed the hero? The pay off was well worth the wait.

9. End Credits Scene (Deadpool)

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Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie itself, I greatly enjoyed this end credits scene. Giving fans a Ferris Bueller throwback while also fitting Deadpool’s character, it just worked.

8. The Quicksilver Scene (X-Men: Apocalypse)

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This sequence is by far the best part of the mediocre X-Men: Apocalypse. It outdoes the famous Quicksilver scene from DOFP while not feeling rehashed. The trippy visuals paired with “Sweet Dreams” make for a killer 1-2 combo.

7. The Warehouse Fight (Batman v Superman)

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I strongly dislike the film as a whole, but this sequence is amazing. It’s the Batman action we’ve all wanted to see on the big screen executed perfectly. The mobility of Affleck’s Caped Crusader when given his size gives an idea of how menacing the character appears to villains in the film. 

6. Matt Visits Fisk in Prison (Daredevil Season 2)

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This interrogation sequence is just amazing. The script, performances and atmosphere highlight the key trait of Fisk: he’s always in control. Scenes like this elevate the show from good to great.

5. Ace Chemicals (Suicide Squad

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Whether or not you liked the actual movie, the Ace Chemicals scene is done extremely well. Two great performances paired with an adequate script and an atmospheric song make this scene unforgettable.

4. “Queens” (Captain America: Civil War)

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We’re well into Captain America: Civil War, but no sign of Spider-Man. Then, “Queens” pops up on the screen over Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free”. I knew what Queens meant, and so did you. This introduction to Tom Holland’s Spidey was done with substance and style.

3. “Don’t Call Me a Ni**a” (Luke Cage)


This scene really got to me. Now, I’m not a black man living in Harlem, but the meaning of this dialogue can be appreciated by anyone. The words delivered perfectly by Mike Colter, this is the moment that locked me into the show.

2. Matt and Frank’s Clash of Ideologies (Daredevil Season 2)

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The dialogue exchange between the two characters in this sequence is incredible. Touching upon the morality of killing, which is an overarching theme of the season, Matt Murdock and Frank Castle have a clash of ideologies. This scene was taken right out of the comic book, too.

1. Airport Fight (Captain America: Civil War)

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The airport fight scene from Captain America: Civil War is the greatest action scene of all time. It gives you every 1-1 matchup you could have asked for, but doesn’t stop there; 15 year old Spider-Man makes an Empire Strikes Back reference. If that isn’t the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

Do you agree with my picks? Why or why not? Leave me your top ten moments from comic book movies and TV in the comments below!

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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