10 Things You Will Do Being Married To A Cosplayer

I married a cosplayer. Though I was already a huge geek on my own and even cosplayed once or twice in my life, I found that it was nothing compared to what my wife does. Though she is an adorable cosplayer and enjoys the photo shoots, the con prep work can often be overwhelming. Being a supportive husband, I find myself wanting to help my wife with her hobbies but I don’t know how to sew. Luckily I have found other ways to help get her costumes ready in time for the convention weekend. What follows are ten things a person can, will, and should do while being married a cosplayer to help them succeed.

You will go on perilous quests for specific items

We ride for materials!

When there is a particular color sharpie, paint, or type of makeup that is needed for the cosplay in question you will find yourself running to multiple stores to find that one item to complete the costume. You’ll often find that some stores will not carry or have any idea about what you’re asking about. It may become frustrating but having a good playlist in your vehicle helps.

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You will go to stores you have never been before for said items

Shopping-mall cosplay

Ever heard of a bald wig cap? No? Well, you will, and you will find yourself in a store you have never heard of before to get it. Probably some hair place or boutique you didn’t know was in the shopping plaza you’ve been to a million times but didn’t go into until now. Don’t feel awkward going in for the first time. You’re a person on a mission. Get the item you need and head home. Treat yourself to some candy if there is some by the register. Little gifts will help keep you going.

You will have to run the house

mr mom
There is only a week left before the con, and it’s crunch time! Your spouse needs to spend every moment they are not at their day job, working on their costume. That leaves it up to you to make sure the place doesn’t become trashed on a daily basis by cleaning it all by yourself. Also, learn to love leftovers and freezer meals as they will be very useful during this period.

You will learn patience

Meditate on it.

There are no doubt a million other things you could be doing to get ready for the con or just other stuff that life demands of you. But you agree to help your spouse. Calm down and be patient. Remember, it will soon be con weekend and after it’s over life can return to normal.

You will become a Macgyver over props

Duck tape can fix anything.

Does your spouse need a prop for their cosplay the day you are about to leave for the convention? Not a problem. Just grab a Happy Meal toy, get the spray can, some tape and before you know it you’ve made a microphone. Results will vary from person to person, and you will have a few failures before you get it right.

You will learn to master the art of packing the car

That should be everything.

Let’s see. Your clothes and toiletries. Check. Spouse’s regular clothes. Check. The bag with the first costume. Check. Makeup for it. Check. Props for the it. Check. The bag with the second costume…

You get the idea. You will become very creative with packing your vehicle or sometimes cars for the con with everything in tow. You will learn to take out seats and even empty the glove compartment if you find it helps you get just an inch more of storage space.

You will have to be moral support when you are exhausted

There, there.

Remember if your spouse doesn’t finish the costume then they can’t make the photo shoot. In the late hours before the con starts, they will be exhausted and wanting to throw in the towel, and you may be wanting to tap out with them. You will have to suck it up and give them the confidence booster they need to be able to keep going and get the costume done. Hang in there!

You will learn to appreciate a cosplayer’s sewing weekend

The cosplay group is finished.

The cosplayer’s sewing weekend. Just your spouse and their cosplay allies working on their costume and having a good time. It will be a very enjoyable event especially as the time starts to tick down. They will be around other people who know how to help them with the costume and make sure it’s done in time. It will also give you an opportunity to take a breather and relax, especially if it’s at someone else’s place and you can be alone to collect yourself.

You will get the brush off and not have to care

Getting the brush off.

If your spouse is giving you the brush off as they are crouched over a sewing machine feverishly working on their costume, don’t take it personally. They have entered into a creative zone and will get the most work done now. Just do all that you can to help make sure they don’t leave the zone. Unless its help going to the bathroom. They should be able to do that on their own.

You will love every minute of it

You win!

In the end you’ll realize that you did it all for the person you love and want them to be happy. A little discomfort and exhaustion are worth their smiling faces while taking pictures at their photo shoots and hanging with their friends. It might be tough but in the end it was worth it.

Congratulations! You are a good spouse and deserve a long rest…because there will probably be another con in the future, and you’ll have to help prepare for that one as well. Good luck.

Anthony Wendel
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