10 Reasons To Believe In X-Men’s ‘ResurreXion’

With the release of X-Men Prime #1ResurreXion has officially begun. The massive Marvel overhaul of all-things X-Men, aimed at winning back mutant-loving comic book readers. Here are ten reasons to believe in X-Men’s ResurreXion.




1. Nightcrawler Got A Haircut

Kurt Wagner has been stuck in this weird medieval warrior phase for too long. Our favorite blue “elf” will be cutting his hair and ditching the chain mail armor for a more traditional look. It’s not that this wasn’t a cool alternate costume for a while, it just wore out it’s welcome. With the entire cast of X-Men characters supposedly returning to former glory, seeing a more familiar Nightcrawler is a good start.

Nightcrawler Long Hair Don't Care



2. The Ladies Are Calling The Shots

X-Men teams have been led by women many times in the past. With a handful of new teams forming, ResurreXion puts three major ladies in charge. Jean Grey will leading the X-Men: Blue team. Kitty Pryde will be leading the X-Men: Gold team (and overseeing all X-Men operations according to X-Men Prime #1). Jubilee will be leading the Generation-X team. It feels great to see these three strong female characters leading us into the next era of X-Men comics.

x-men gold



3. No Bendis In Sight

Brian Michael Bendis is a comic book writing legend, he’s contributed some of the best comics of the last twenty years. That being said, we’re burnt out on Bendis. Marvel has been stretching him too thin and it’s been affecting his books. He’s also been involved with so many of Marvel’s “bigger” books recently, it’ll nice to get some time apart. Not seeing BMB attached to any X-Books (yet) is refreshing.




4. Generation-X

Christina Strain will be writing this series about the less glamorous mutants. This group of “Lovable Losers” consists of Kid Omega, Morph, Eye-Boy, Bling, Nature Girl, Hindsight, and is led by Jubilee. The book will focus on the mutants attending Xavier’s school that aren’t exactly top-tier. These kids aren’t the most stable or battle-ready. It promises to be a comic very different from the other X-Titles.

Generation-X #1 cvr



5. The Time Displaced Teens Are On Their Own

The original X-Men team from the past is here to stay. Jean Grey has made an executive decision to break away from the other mutants. ResurreXion has teased a healthy amount of teams, keeping the kids separate helps the world of mutants seem less congested. Being on their own will also allow them to learn and grow on their own terms.

X-Men Blue 1 cvr



6. They’re Back To Just Being Feared & Hated!

Mutants have faced extinction over and over again for far too long. With the Terrigen threat being eliminated in Inhumans Vs. X-Men‘s finale, it should be back to basics. It’s also a return to harmony, no more split camps among the X-Men. This allows our X-Gene carrying heroes to get back to what they’re best at, being feared and hated by society for being different!

1987 X-Men muties ad



7. Gambit

Everybody’s favorite Cajun, Remy LeBeau, makes his return to X-Men comics. Gambit will be apart of the Astonishing X-Men “dream team” that Charles Soule is assembling. He’s been in and out of X-Men comics occasionally over the years, but this will be a legitimate team role among other X-Men greats.

Astonishing X-Men 1 cvr



8. Costumes

Marvel is making a conscious effort to return the X-Men to their colorful roots. The art released so far for ResurreXion‘s titles showcase a vibrant display of costumes. Not only will Nightcrawler be getting his hair cut, he’ll be sporting his classic suit as well. This also gets Jean Grey out of that god-awful Marvel Girl mini-skirt and into a bad-ass jacket.

jean grey 1 cvr



9. Return To The Mansion

X-Men comic books are most effective when they take place at home, Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Kitty Pryde is in charge now, her first act as headmaster was to return the X-Men to the mansion. She also had Magick return the school to Earth, it’s new home is Central Park in New York City. The ideal setting for X-Men stories in a new location, right in the middle of human civilization.

xavier school central park



10. It’s What We Asked For

We dedicated fans have been through a rough couple years of X-Men reading. Marvel hasn’t been very kind to us. We took to the internet, wrote letters, and ranted on podcasts to share our displeasure. We were relentless, we wanted our mutants to return to their former glory. Marvel finally listened and we’re about to get what we’ve been asking for. ResurreXion is a direct response to X-Men fans being treated unfairly.

We’re finally through the dark age, let’s hope Marvel delivers.

x-men prime 1 cvr


Are you looking forward to ResurreXion? Which title are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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