Review: YOUNG JUSTICE #1 Brings the Team Back in a Messy Way


It has a few missteps, but Young Justice #1 is a fun intro to the series.
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Young Justice is back!

Young Justice has always been a strange concept for me. They are a team of teenage heroes, even though the Teen Titans are still a thing. Both have casts of characters that were either sidekicks, trained by dark forces or sometimes both. What is the need for it? Then their animated series brought them into the spotlight. With the opinion of the team being so high, DC has decided to put out a new iteration, written by Brian Michael Bendis. How will this new version of the team pan out?

Young Justice 1 cover

**Some Spoilers Below**


It’s a dull day in Metropolis as a new hero rolls into town. Jinny Hex, descendant of legendary cowboy Jonah Hex, has come to Superman’s city for help. Before we can learn with what, however, invaders from Gemworld show up. As they begin to cause destruction, other young heroes show up to face them. The first comes in the form of Tim Drake(Robin) who meets up with Cassie Sandsmark, former Wonder Girl. The invading forces give the pair a chance to get back in the fight together after a long break. While they face off against some of the soldiers, Impulse speeds in alongside a new Lantern calling themselves the Teen Lantern to help as well.

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Young Justice 1 p4

This book, much like our young speedster, goes by way too fast. The pacing in this book is insane, and it’s hard to follow. We meet Jinny, invasion starts, flashback 4 minutes ago to a deep conversation between Tim and Cassie. This happens so quickly I can barely connect with these characters! Readers need the balance of fast and slow so we can enjoy it.

That being said, I did have fun with its action and humor. I found myself laughing at Impulse’s attitude and Jinny’s encounter with the cops. It’s moments like this that show the series can be a great one. If Bendis can work out the pacing, I think this will be a fantastic Young Justice run.

young justice 1 p5


Gleason has been a mixed bag for me in the past, and this issue is an excellent example of why. His designs for the Young Justice team are good, but some of the faces look a bit strange. While Bart looks as cartoonishly energetic as always, Conner’s mouth appears to be entirely on one side of his face. There are more positives than negatives, but the flaws stand out.

Young Justice 1 6-7


This opening is rushed and a little messy, but it’s fun. The pacing and art might cause some readers to be taken aback. However, if you’re just looking for some cool comic action and humor, this comic gives you plenty. If the rest of the series is like this, while fixing the problems it has, we might have a great Young Justice series.



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