SPOILER: This Is What Happened To The X-Men In ‘Logan’

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With Logan now in theaters, it’s time to start discussing some of the facts that we learned watching the movie. Since the first trailer dropped it was clear that this isn’t the world we’ve seen in previous X-Men movies. Wolverine and Charles Xavier are living pretty crappy lives and the X-Men no longer exist. But what happened to the iconic superhero team?

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If this film wasn’t already heart-breaking enough, it’s Charles Xavier who is to blame for destroying the X-Men. When we first meet Charles in this film, Wolverine is hiding him away on the Mexican border. Xavier’s powers have become unpredictable and unstable and the film shows us how dangerous Charles can be in this universe. In an amazing sequence, we see an entire hotel paralyzed because of Charles’s seizures. After this event, we hear a radio report and learn that a similar event happened in Westchester (Xavier’s school for the gifted). The report claims that the Westchester incident injured 600 civilians and took the life of some mutants (The X-Men).

The saddest thing here is that Charles doesn’t even remember the event when we first see him in Logan. This leads to a pretty depressing scene in which Xavier remembers what he did, and realizes that he is no longer the heroic teacher we’ve seen in previous films. “I did something. . . something unspeakable.” he says “I remembered what happened in Westchester. This is not the first time that I’ve hurt people. Until today, I didn’t know. You didn’t tell me, so we kept on running away from it. I think…I finally understand you.”

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  1. I’m glad they didn’t show a flashback. Keeps it mysterious and open for interpretation. This film was heartbreaking! End of an era.

  2. Professor X did not take the lives of all the X-Men as this article states. The radio broadcast Logan was listening to said that the Westchester incident resulted in the deaths of 600 people and 7 mutants, including several of the X-Men. This means that only a few members of the X-Men died (so maybe about three or four). The other mutants mentioned were most likely some of Xavier’s students.
    I would guess that the X-Men deaths included Jean Grey and Magneto. Jean’s death would explain why neither she nor Cyclops (his two star pupils) were there assisting Xavier after the incident. Jean is absent obviously because she’s dead, and Cyclops because he resents Xavier for killing her. Jean is also a telepath, and so would have been more vulnerable to a psychic attack. Magneto had also joined up with the X-Men in Days of Future Past and seemed to be in good terms with Xavier at the end of Apocalypse, so he might have become an X-Man. I feel like Magneto, as one of Charles’ closest friends would also be by his side after the incident… unless of course it resulted in his death. I also think Beast would definitely be assisting Logan in caring for Charles, so perhaps he had an unfortunate demise in the incident as well. The others that survived probably went off to live their lives because Logan told them to. He knew he was the only one that could survive another psychic attack from Charles, so he took him away and the X-Men fell apart.

  3. I think the movie was great but I wished they would have shown a flashback what did happen. Seeing what lead them to the world they were in. Maybe it will be in the deleted scenes on bluray.

    • Personally, I love the fact that they didn’t show us. The way that the film hints at Westchester through Patrick Stewart’s performance makes it more special. I think if they showed it, the performances and the film would lose something special.

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