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Diana and Steve’s insane journey has been refitted and collected into one series, WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME. The first issue in the series went a long way in reminding us of all the insanity Diana puts up with on a daily basis.

The entire plot of Wonder Woman Come Back To Me #1 has actually been published once before, in Justice League Giants #3 and 4. So while there isn’t anything new here, it is nice to have it all consolidated and under the Wonder Woman name. Fans and collectors will appreciate it surely. And of course, it’s nice to see Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmotti’s works put together this way.

Being Wonder Woman, it’s no surprise that Diana is busy. Or that she’s constantly running from one thing to another. So when this plot started out with Diana getting to spend some time at the beach with Steve it was a little surprising. But hey, everyone deserves a break!

Not that the break lasted long. The plot quickly got back to business, throwing Diana into two events back to back. One of them may have felt a little irreverent at first, but once the big reveal occurred at the end of the issue, it suddenly made a lot more sense.

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Wonder Woman Come Back to Me
Diana arriving just in time to save the day.

The whole Wonder Woman saving people and animals from the fire was neither here nor there. It had some excellent points, but it also had some odd points; like tying injured people to bears. But that was all to kill some time and establish Diana’s connection to animals. A fact that became relevant later.

The main plot of the series has a lot more potential. Even if it does raise even more questions. And it was a fun spin on the whole Bermuda Triangle business. Some elements of the storytelling did feel forced, such as Etta complaining about being tired the moment they set foot on the island. Hopefully, those moments will balance out as time goes on.

Wonder Woman Come Back to Me Page 3
A break at the beach…but what is Steve wearing?

The artwork in Wonder Woman Come Back to Us was bright and even a little bit bubbly. Diana’s in her brilliant garb of course, which never seems to get soot-stained. Steve’s outfit is a more significant cause for concern; an orange suit jacket and pants? At the beach? There must be a story to this one.

Three artists handled this massive issue; Chad Hardin was the illustrator, while Alex Sinclair provided colors, and Travis Lanham did the lettering.

The artists did do an excellent job illustrating storms and natural events. The giant storm that took out the invisible jet was as foreboding as one would hope. Adding more colors than the standard gray really made the cloud come to life.

And of course, there are the monsters. They fit in perfectly with what Wonder Woman normally comes up against. You can clearly see the real animals that influenced their design, while still having them be clearly something other at the same time.

The scale in the final page leaves us with so many questions – but the type that’ll get it’s readers back for more. Is anybody in that plane/necklace? Is this guy (creature?) as dangerous as he looks? Only time will tell.

Wonder Woman Come Back to Me
Wonder Woman leading firefights and furry friends from an inferno.

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