Wonder Woman Come Back to Me is another dramatic issue in a world of the lost, full of vibrant backdrops and complicated character arcs.

What A Dangerous World In WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME #3

WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME #3, out this week from DC Comics continues the strange tale of Diana and her allies being trapped in a land of the lost. In this world, everything is a danger, and Wonder Woman is barely keeping up with it.

Look who has appeared on the latest cover of Wonder Woman Come Back to Me.


Like the rest of this series, Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #3 has already been published once before, in Justice League Giants. Wonder Woman’s plot is being republished into one concise set. It’s perfect for collectors and readers who missed the first run.

Wonder Woman on the run to save her love.

The third issue in the series continues the tale of this strange place that Diana and her friends and loved ones are trapped in. The world may seem full of life, with lush vegetation all around. But it is equally dangerous and deadly. A fact they’re all about to learn.

This issue is split into two segments (due to the way it was previously published), but the two fit together quite nicely. There’s only a slight break in the storytelling when the second half picks up, and that was clearly done with intention.

They have no idea what is about to happen…

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are the authors for this issue, and they are not afraid to throw challenges at Wonder Woman. This is not a safe world by any means, and the additional challenges they’ve put on Diana (her abilities being diminished) only increase the threat level.

Seeing Diana have to deal with the situation without her powers has admittedly been quite fascinating. It’s a rare day when she comes across something she can punch her way through, or fly away from. In that sense, this whole plot has been fairly refreshing.

It’s also getting more and more complicated as time goes on. The secondary characters introduced all have their own plots, and based on how this issue concluded; they’ll be starting to take over a little bit more in the next issue.

Admittedly the plot does get a little strange at times; but given the setting, and how many different subplots are running at the same time, this actually makes quite a bit of sense. And the secondary characters are peculiar themselves.

Needless to say, things aren’t going so well for the whole crew…

The artwork behind Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #3 was perfect for the plot. The jungle was full of vibrant colors and vegetation. Meanwhile, all of the strange critters are both familiar and eccentric at the same time – the perfect mix.

Four artists were brought on for this project; Tom Derenick for pencils, Trevor Scott for inks, Alex Sinclair for the coloring, and Travis Lanham for lettering. The sense of movement and shading in this issue were some of the best parts, though there were plenty of other elements to enjoy as well.

There were a couple of fight scenes that highlighted the issue artisticly with the facial expressions and backdrops a close seconds.

Wonder Woman to the rescue!

Wonder Woman Come Back to Me #3 was the perfect follow-up to the first two issues, while also building onto the already busy plot. There’s no telling how Diana and her group will get out of this mess, especially given the fact that there’s more than one development at hand.

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Wonder Woman Come Back to Me is another dramatic issue in a world of the lost, full of vibrant backdrops and complicated character arcs. What A Dangerous World In WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME #3