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Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark continue their fight against Hecate

This month’s crossover takes a spooky turn with Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark facing off against a goddess. When Diana was younger, witches who serve Hecate brand her to be taken by the goddess. She is brainwashed to forget this trauma, and her mother can’t find proof that anything has been done. Years pass and the brand has remained hidden behind Wonder Woman’s tiara, but now the plan is coming to fruition. Hecate is planning to destroy magic and remake the world. As the regular Justice League ends up hexed by the goddess, the Justice League Dark stand to save the world before Hecate can complete the destruction. Will they succeed?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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After Hecate attacked their base, the Justice League Dark is led by Wonder Woman to the Greek Isles for back up. They capture a unicorn to use as a bargaining chip for Hecate’s most powerful witch, Circe. She welcomes the group, then proceeds to explain how there are others branded by Hecate.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a superheroine known as Manitou Dawn reveals herself to be one of the branded. She goes on a rampage, only to catch the attention of Deadman. The ghostly hero, realizing how bad this could become, he quickly makes his way to find the League.

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While light on the action, there is plenty of juicy backstory for readers to enjoy. This story gets more and more interesting as we learn more about the master plan and see the effects of the witchmark. We learn that these marks enhance the wielders and it feels more like a deal with the devil. We see the amount of power it holds but the cost as well. It truly captures the dark magic vibes which perfectly encapsulate the theme of the story. By the end of the comic, you see Wonder Woman powered by the witchmark and are left excited and scared. I can’t wait to see the power of Hecate go all out in the coming issues.


If there is anything that hooks the reader more than the story, it’s the kick-ass art. Emanuela Lupacchino returns as the illustrator and, like her previous stories in the Wonder Woman series, knocks it out of the park. As always, her character designs are fantastic, as well as the details on the magic. The colorwork of Romulo Fajardo Jr. helps this art feel alive with vibrant colors to give the magic more life. The art is magical, and it’s all thanks to this phenomenal team.

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Pick up this issue. If you haven’t read the first issue, pick that up as well. This story will grab hold of you and take you on a wild ride into the magical side of the DC Universe. The future might look bleak for Wonder Woman, but I am excited about the next issue.


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wonder-woman-56-reviewThe Witching Hour continues to impress as we follow Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark to learn the origin of Hecate.