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Zeus is dead. Grail had been hunting down the children of Zeus to give her father, Darkseid, energy to become a god once more. These attacks lead Wonder Woman to her long-lost twin brother, Jason. Before the two were sacrificed to Darkseid, Zeus stepped in and took on the god from Apokolips. The battle resulted in Darkseid getting his full power from the dying Zeus. When the dust settled, only Diana and her brother were left. The two siblings have finally found one another, with an unsure future ahead. What’s next for the children of Zeus and Hippolyta?

Wonder Woman vs Silver Swan

**Spoilers Below**

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This issue’s story is split into two halves. The first half takes place in the past and is centered around a girl named Vanessa Kapatelis. After getting caught in a battle between Wonder Woman and the villain Major Disaster, Vanessa finds herself crippled from the waist down. With Diana coming to visit near daily with her mother, Vanessa begins her rehabilitation. She goes under a special operation that helps fix her nerves and months later she can walk. Unfortunately, in that time she loses her mother and Diana stops visiting. This leads Vanessa to plot vengeance on the woman who abandoned her.

When it comes to the origin story of this arc’s villain, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. However, the uniqueness about this origin is that it is a part of the Wonder Woman mythos we don’t see. In many story arcs, we watch Wonder Woman go out of her way to take care of those stricken by tragedy. This issue was no different at first, but we soon see someone who ends up with tragedy and Wonder Woman isn’t there. Vanessa feels betrayed and truth be told, I’m sure many would feel the same.

The second half involves Wonder Woman and Jason, specifically about them living together. While Wonder Woman is off saving the day, Jason parties in his sister’s home. When she returns, they have a serious talk about Jason’s future. This is a great next step in the character’s development. His entire life, Jason was left hidden away from the world, allowing him to do generally whatever he wanted. Now that he lives with Diana, a superhero and member of the greatest superhero team on the planet, he must decide what kind of life wants. This promises an interesting character development over the course of the coming arc.

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The art of this issue, to put it in a single word, is a wonder to behold. Emanuela Lupacchino’s pencil work is fantastic, especially with the designs of Diana and Vanessa’s evil alter ego, Silver Swan. Swan’s look is menacing in comparison to her looks of yesteryear, yet still maintains enough of the original to be recognized. The colors of Romulo Fajardo Jr. helps the designs stand out as well. Together the art team has created a beautiful first chapter in this arc.

Wonder Woman v Major Disaster


While we didn’t get an epilogue of the last arc, we did get a beautiful start to a new one. We have an interesting introduction to a villain rebirthed for the modern era, as well as the promise of character development for our newest brother to the Wonder Woman mythos. Needless to say, I’m excited about this arc. Go pick up this issue and see why.

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wonder-woman-38-reviewThe first chapter to this new arc is as intriguing to read as it is beautiful to look at.