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To say 2017 has been a good year for Bungie is a bit on the not so easy side.  First came word of players having to grind hours for progression in Destiny 2 because of the game’s scaling of XP.  After backlash resulted in Bungie fixing the issue, another controversy arose.  This time surrounding its DLC expansion Curse of Osiris.  

Prior to the expansion’s release, players had access to all of the game’s content.  But soon after its release, some content became unavailable.  The reason?  The expansion raised level requirements for certain raids and other things.


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The only way to meet the new requirements was by purchasing the expansion.  With both controversies in the rearview mirror, Bungie’s released new plans for the game series.  A webcomic.  Titled Fall of Osiris, the book will explore the origins of Osiris, and how he went from the champion of the Last City to traitor.

The creative team is comprised of writers Ryan North (Unbreakable Squirrel Girl) and Christine Thompson who is the narrative lead for Curse of Osiris, and Artist Ze Carlos.  With Marcio Takara (All-New Wolverine) providing the book’s cover.  Unlike the DLC, the webcomic will be available for free on  The developer has not announced a release date for the comic.

Nick Battaglia
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