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There’s a pattern to watching Game of Thrones episodes. First, you avoid the internet like the plague during it. Second, you are enraged, excited, exasperated, etc. during the show. Third, you immediately jump on the internet to read the onslaught of theories about whatever mess you just lived through.

It’s exhausting.

So here’s another theory, because why not?

Also, and we cannot possibly say this with more emphasis, ***spoilers ahead***.

Like, *a lot* of spoilers. So don’t read on if you haven’t seen the most recent episode. Stop now.

Here’s some more space in case you messed up.

Last chance.

Ok so Danyreas and Jon Snow finally seal the deal. The dragon and the wolf join in carnal union. Fire and Ice make a puddle. They get down to business, basically.

Meanwhile, Tyrion stood outside like a real creep, and looked on worryingly at the door. Which, I mean each to their own, but still. It’s a big ship. He could be somewhere else.

So what’s up with Tyrion? Here’s our best guesses:

Tyrion made a deal with Cersei

OK so this isn’t new, but it’s been theorized without a lot of supporting evidence. The gist is this – Tyrion made some kind of deal with Cersei to betray Dany, and therefore is worried about the strengthening alliance between Dany and Jon.

Let’s look at the scene between Tyrion and Cersei. The primary conflict of the scene is apparent – Tyrion wants Cersei to ally with Dany. However, most of it is spent on a discussion of whether Tyrion is justified in feeling sadness or regret surrounding the deaths of Cersei’s children.

There are two crucially important parts of the scene: Tyrion no longer cares if Cersei hates him, he still feels the sadness that his actions caused, in a roundabout way, the death of his nephews and niece. Tyrion also “discovers” that Cersei is pregnant.

If there’s one thing we can say for Cersei, it’s that she is intentional, in word and action. So Tyrion’s “discovery” after she places her hands above her stomach feels like a trap of sorts. Whether she is pregnant or not is irrelevant; Cersei wants him to believe that she is.

After the discovery, the scene ends, and cuts back to Dany’s party waiting in King’s Landing. We don’t get to see what else was said, or if Tyrion succeeded. It is simply implied.

The biggest argument against this is one is, “why the hell would Tyrion make a deal with Cersei and betray Dany?!” Well, in short – he wouldn’t.

But he would do anything for the unborn child of Cersei. Tyrion carries immense guilt with him over the deaths of the children he really loved. The idea that he cares for Cersei is wrong: he hates her, and for good reason. But her children should not carry her sin.

The idea that the unborn child can inherent the sins of the parent is a big deal for Tyrion’s story line. He was blamed for killing his mother in childbirth, and has been blamed for being a Lannister (largely because of Tywin, his father) since Season 1. Most recently, he tried to save Dickon Tarly’s life from Dany’s wrath, after she lumped him and his father together.

On the other end of the spectrum is Dany, who fled the continent as an infant after the murder of her parents by the Lannisters. He has a good case for worrying about what Dany would do if she discovered Cersei’s child.

He also has reason to worry about Dany’s rule. Tyrion has spent most of the season worrying about her choices of Fire and Blood. She is a conqueror, and seemingly not interested in extended rule, per their conversation about succession.

Tyrion isn’t going to betray Dany out of any loyalty to Cersei, or disbelief in Dany as a ruler. It will come because he cannot bear the death of one more child because of his action – or inaction. And that’s why he looks on so worryingly on at the possible conception a true heir.

Tyrion is worried about them falling in love

Here’s one from the left field: Tyrion isn’t so keen on love. Let’s look at the facts:

Tyrion hasn’t been a romantic relationship on-screen since he was smuggled out of King’s Landing.

His last love betrayed him to his father (not that Tyrion was blameless in this; he screwed up big time).

His brother, Jaime, whom he deeply cares for, has stuck by the side of the despotic Cersei out of nothing but love, even though he knows she’s a monster.

At this point, Tyrion’s arc has taken him to a dark realization that love is contrary to good leadership and sense. Marriage is fine – it’s a political move, and good for alliances.

Jon and Dany falling for each other could lead to mistakes, like say, Dany losing a dragon past the wall. His look signals that their alliance may have become something more, and that could be dangerous.

Tyrion is generally a worried dude and he’s actually fine

Game of Thrones likes to give red herrings. Tyrion could just be worried. He has a lot going on, what with the end of the world and all. He might be thrilled that those two crazy kids finally got together, but he’s still going to furrow that brow.