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The first season of AMC’s Preacher was a spectacular, twisted kick to the face that managed to capture the tone of the comic books perfectly while playing with some characters and storylines. So, what might we have to look forward to in the second season, which debuts on June 25th?

Potential Spoiler Alert: If you’re a fan of the show but have not read the comics and want to head into season two with no knowledge of what might be coming up, you may want to stop reading. Not altogether.  I don’t want to encourage any growth in the rates of illiteracy here, but maybe stop reading this article.

Herr Starr

Other than God Himself, Herr Starr is Jesse’s greatest antagonist in the comics. A shrewd, cold-blooded assassin, Starr is one of the top operatives of The Grail, a secretive organization dedicated to the preservation of the bloodline of none other than Jesus Christ himself. The Grail essentially controls the flow of world politics through its network of agents placed throughout the governments of every country in the world. We caught a glimpse of him leaving a snuff film festival near the end of season 1, so it seems likely he’ll play a larger part in the plot of season 2.

Is a white suit really the best choice in that type of theater?

The Saint of Killers unleashed

The Saint of Killers, as we saw in flashbacks in Season 1, is one mean son of a bitch. In the late 1800s, the former Civil War soldier and scalp hunter was delayed in procuring medicine for his wife and daughter by some of the residents of a town called Ratwater. When this delay cost him the lives of his family, he returned and took his vengeance. On the entire town, killing every last person.

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Saint of Killers cover
The world shook to the thunder of his guns

In the comics he puts out the very fires of Hell with his cold, cold heart. He then becomes the new Angel of Death, complete with two Colt revolvers forged from the sword of the previous Angel of Death, to kill when no one else can get the job done. He’s after Jesse and the gang and won’t let anything stop him.  In his career he’s killed angels, shot helicopters out of the sky, and blown up tanks, all with his two trusty sidearms.  Which leads us to our next topic:

More Hilarious Violence

The cast and crew of the show have done a masterful job putting together action sequences that are stylish, brutal and laugh out loud funny.  This can’t be easy to achieve, especially with the budget constraints that come with a TV show, but looking at the trailers for season 2, they have done it again, and maybe even stepped things up.  To mayhem!

Rogue’s Gallery

While the characters listed above are virtual certainties to have an impact on Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy, here’s a few more that might show up:

bob freddy

Bob Glover and Freddy Allen are Sexual Detectives (and a little something more)
Si Coltrane
Si Coltrane is a former associate of Cassidy’s with his own shady past.
Jody TC
The less said about Jody and TC, the better.  I’ll leave you only with the advice to not leave any family pets near TC.
Did I leave out your favorite character from the comics?  What are you looking forward to seeing most in season 2?  Let us know in the comments.


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