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Webtoon, the digital comic giant, launched its latest creator contest offering a cumulative $80,000 grand prize.

The everlasting hours of staring at a tablet, the days of callouses and stiff wrists, and the small fortune invested in whichever form of caffeine gets one through the process of creating a comic should be the hardest part for an aspiring creator. But getting a story out to the world can be a rather challenging undertaking in itself.  Luckily, there are now platforms such as Webtoon that offer creators the opportunity to publish their works on a regular basis, while also offering the occasional contest to discover new and upcoming talents.

This summer, Webtoon launched its latest contest for new creators to get their work noticed and earn some coin.

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The stories must be submitted by September 13, 2018.

The genres (thriller, comedy, fantasy, etc.) will fall under four larger categories for judgement: Most Gripping, Most Laughs, Most Epic, and Most Feels.

“There will be TWO stories selected from each Genre [to move on to round two]. Categories include Thriller/Horror, Comedy/Slice, Fantasy/Sci-fi/Action, and Drama/Romance, and each genre has specific panel and episode requirements which can be found under the official rules.”

The eight selected contestants from Round One will each get $5,000 and move on to battle it out in their respective genres in Round Two (Sept. 22nd – Oct. 8th).

In Round Two, each contestant must publish 2 or more episodes. The four selected contestants remaining will each receive $25,000 and will then advance to the battle royal Final Round (Nov. 6th – 14th).

The contestants must publish at least one story in the Final Round. The judges will select a “Best Story” on November 16th, and the winner will receive the Grand Prize of $50,000 and a Featured spot on Webtoon.

In addition to the cash prizes, contestants can win perks like “an offer to become Featured Creator on Webtoon” and “Invitation to Webtoon Green Room Party at NYCC”.

Jugement Criteria:

Webtoon Judgement Criteria

Learn more about the contest
and submit your own entry by clicking here.

Or to support the creators go to the Line Webtoon app, go to Discover, and click the banner to see the contest entries.

Are you entering the contest? Comment below and share the link to your comic!

Webtoon has had incredible success with finding new creators in the past— “Discover Creator” marks the fourth creator contest. Past winners include 2014’s “Challenge League” Grand Prize Winner Space Boy by Stephen McCranie (Mal and Chad, Penguin), currently on episode #163 with more than 31 million views of his weekly story about an alien artifact, a mysterious murder, and a love that crosses light years. Additionally, the fourth-place winner in the 2016 Superhero Comics Contest presented by Stan Lee’s POW. Entertainment, uru-chan and her hit series, unOrdinary – currently on episode #95 with more than 1.6 million subscribers and almost 200,000,000 views of the title. unOrdinary has a devoted following that have spent more than 400,000 minutes, or 7000 hours, reading the imperfect adventures of John and Sera.