Monkeys Fighting Robots

Vin Diesel is a megastar, whether you like it or not (I enjoy the big lug’s work). Now, the Fast and Furious stalwart is turning his attention to television, where he will executive produce a new Miami Vice reboot for NBC.

This is… interesting news. There’s no word whether or not Diesel will star in this reboot as well, but he would make as good a Ricardo Tubbs as anyone. Per the Hollywood Reporter article:

Diesel will reteam with ‘Fast and the Furious’ Chris Morgan and exec produce the revival, which is in development at the network that originally aired the Don Johnson starrer.

Reboots aren’t going away on television or in movies anytime soon, so that’s not a battle worth fighting. And Miami Vice, hey, why not see what a 2018-19 version of the adventures of Crockett and Tubbs looks like? Michael Mann’s show is long in the rearview mirror.

This also feels like a great time to remind everyone that Miami Vice was the best film of Michael Mann’s 2000s filmography.

The fact this new Miami Vice will be on the same network, NBC, as the original, is a blessing and a curse. They know the territory, but they have those tricky network TV regulations to deal with. It’s doubtful this will be a hardcore, gritty reimagining. Think Hawaii Five-O.