‘Untucked: RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 5’ Review


Tears Are Shed And Shade Is Thrown On This Week’s Untucked

Following a musical tribute to the Kardashians, things get intense on this week’s ‘Untucked: RuPaul’s Drag Race‘. There’s about as much talk of sabotage and conspiracies this week than last election. On the main stage, Nina Bo’Nina Brown feels shafted by her role in the musical, while Alexis Michelle let her feelings known backstage.

Alexis Michelle has shown this “Mommie Dearest”-side to her before but it boiled over this week. Though she was highly praised for her performance in the challenge, the judges didn’t enjoy her runway look. With a different dress, Alexis Michelle felt she could’ve won. Why didn’t the fellow queens step up and say something? That’s the question she posed.

Ranging from Trinity Taylor and Eureka O’Hara, the queens spoke up about not wanting to step on toes or their own self-doubts about their looks. This is one of the more interesting exchanges with Alexis Michelle and the queens. That level of picture perfection she strives for is beginning to slip. Let’s hope next week she can regain her composure because this attitude can send someone home.

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“Think about every little dark-skinned brown girl out there that anyone has told they didn’t deserve it, they didn’t belong, that they’re not worth it, and that it was too much for them to want it. You do it for all of them. Not just you. Every single one of them”
-Shea Coulee to Nina Bo’Nina Brown

Speaking of toxic attitudes, Nina Bo’Nina Brown broke down again on the runway. She seemed more composed backstage but the aura was different. The queens were talking candidly about her “Debbie Downer” personality and how it can ruin her. Judges RuPaul and Michelle Visage both echoed the sentiment. Unlike Alexis Michelle, this episode of ‘Untucked‘ seemed like the moment of realization of Nina Bo’Nina Brown. After a great pep talk from Shea Couleé, I expect a different Nina going forward.

The biggest story leaving both ‘Untucked‘ and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘ is the shocking elimination of Eureka O’Hara. All the way back in episode 2, Eureka O’Hara mentioned injuring her knee but no one expected the extent of the injury. Turns out she tore her ACL and going forward in the competition wasn’t safe. For the first time in the show’s history, someone was sent home for a medical reason but there was another first this episode. Do to the circumstances around Eureka’s exit, RuPaul extended an invitation for her to return for Season 10. It looks like we already know the first cast member of next season!

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