Couple at Dragon Con Stirs Anger With Twin Towers Cosplay

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A celebration of all things science fiction and fantasy took place this weekend at Dragon Con in Atlanta. However, the proceedings came to a screeching halt when a couple entered the event dressed as the Twin Towers on fire.

Dragon Con

They were greeted with jeers and boos from the throngs of fans that were milling about in Atlanta’s Peachtree Centre. Apparently, the couple was also seen wearing hats reminiscent of Donald Trump that said: “Make Fishcenter Great Again.”  While it’s understandable that Dragon Con wants its patrons to express themselves in any way they see fit in their cosplay choices, didn’t anyone think that they crossed the line with their outfit? What would you have done if you just saw these two just walking around without a care in the world?

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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  1. Free speech, they were within their rights. Of course, had I been there, I would have loudly said “It takes a really slimy, self-centered, piece of shit to wear a costume like that in my opinion”.

  2. The DragonCon comments are BS. They were moving freely through multiple checkpoints between hotels. That doesn’t happen without a badge.
    At one point in the Hyatt some irate chick ripped the flames off the girl’s tower. They ended up leaving the public areas afterwards.

    • free expression ends when it is inconsiderate, mean and abusive, there was at least one person there who was at the twin towers on that day, it disturbed her greatly.

  3. What this couple did is totally inappropriate and disrespectful, these costumes are distasteful and are depicting a horrible dark event that changed our world forever. 3000 people died on 911,and this couple has the nerve to show up at dragon con dressed like this. They never bought passes and should be banned from dragon con if they ever show up again.

  4. I’m guessing they’re either not from the US or they weren’t old enough to really process 9/11. Also guessing they’re tone-deaf and stupid and bring nothing to the table anywhere. And they’re saving their Brock Turner for Halloween.

  5. yeah… looks offensive… people were probably offended… so what?

    What would I have done? I would have thought “what an goof” and carried on.

    • so what. so if your child was murdured and people made fun of it, like a murdered killing a baby, I suppose you would think it was still funny. are you so immune to other’s feelings, do you not know right from wrong?

  6. This is sick and totally disrespectful. These two should have been escorted out and told not to return.

    Free speech or not…. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

      • Free speech is applicable only to the government and their censorship of free expression, speech, or exercise of religion. The venue was a private enterprise and Dragon Con was under no obligation to allow them to parade their ignorance on their rented grounds.

      • you think this was funny? or are you one of those blind liberals who walk around bubble headed not caring about the negative affect on people. This was NOT funny.

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