TRAILER: TIGER Is A Boxing Movie Featuring An Unrecognizable Mickey Rourke

Tiger stars Prem Singh as Pardeep Nagra, a religious man determined to be a great boxer with the help of a trainer played by Mickey Rourke who looks like he’s stepped into another person’s body. However, parts of Pardeep’s Sikh faith are at odds with the fighting community. Tiger is set to premiere November 2, 2018.


About Tiger

Official Description: A practicing Sikh is banned by the boxing commission for refusing to back down from his religious beliefs. Through racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong American would do, fight back.


The comparisons to Rocky are not only surface level. Yes, they are both movies about boxers overcoming adversity. However, as with Rocky, the star boxer here (Prem Singh) also wrote the film (with co-star Michael Pugliese) back in 2010. And took a long time to convince enough people to get the movie made. However, Singh and Pugliese’s hard work paid off, Mickey Rourke signed on, as did director Alister Grierson, and here we are. Tiger looks every bit as grounded in reality as Rocky or Creed with just as much tension, drama, and boxing action.


Tiger features a cast that includes …

Mickey Rourke as Frank Donovan
Prem Singh as Pardeep Nagra
Janel Parrish as Charlotte
Marshall Manesh as Kulwant
Michael Pugliese as Bryan Doyle
Jacob Grodnik as Barry Zaya


I can’t get over Mickey Rourke here. What’s going on? I need to know if that’s makeup or more surgery he’s had done to fix the problems he gained from being a boxer in the 90s. With that said, this looks like a great fit for what he brings as an actor. I’m positive that one day, Rourke’s life will make for a really interesting movie and likely win an Oscar for a future lead actor.

The trailer for Tiger sets up an interesting film as it makes you feel the tension of this hyper-religious fighter facing a tough decision that affects everything he believes in.


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