The trailer for Hunter Killer, a new action-thriller, could make Michael Bay proud and maybe even shed a tear or two. The trailer for the military film begins with an epic shot of a naval fleet and promises to deliver an explosive political action film when it releases in October. Hunter Killer stars Gerard Butler and Gary freakin’ Oldman!

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About Hunter Killer

Official Description: An untested American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general.

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Director Donovan Marsh previously worked on the South African film Avenged (also known as iNumber Number) and knows his way around some action. However, Hunter Killer is a major production with a budget that’s on a much bigger scale here. Donovan’s star-studded cast includes Linda Cardellini and Common. Leading the film is Gerard Butler and in for the fun is Oscar-winner Gary Oldman.

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Hunter Killer features a cast that includes …

Gerard Butler as Commander Joe Glass, Captain of the USS Omaha
Gary Oldman as Admiral Charles Donnegan
Common as Rear Admiral John Fisk
Linda Cardellini as Jayne Norquist, National Security Agency senior analyst
Zane Holtz as Martinelli, U.S. Navy SEAL
Caroline Goodall as United States President Dover
Alexander Diachenko as Russian President Zakarin
Michael Nyqvist as Captain Sergei Andropov, Russian Submarine Commander
Ilia Volok as Captain Vladimir Sutrev
Mikhail Gorevoy as Admiral Dmitri Durov
Igor Jijikine as Tretiak
Toby Stephens as Lieutenant Bill Beaman

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Hunter Killer feels like a throwback 80s, Cold War film, something like a modern Hunt for Red October. But the new trailer offers a little twist in the middle which makes this a much more intriguing story. Instead of a Red Scare-lite, the trailer reveals a different narrative that, at least on the surface, feels fresh and a welcome turn from the Us vs. Them mentality. Of course, this is only a trailer and, by design, is meant to make viewers wonder and want to see the movie.

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