TRAILER: HIGH LIFE Super-Teases Robert Pattinson In A Space Suit

High Life trailer unveils roughly 15-seconds of a film from famed French director Claire Denis that stars everyone’s favorite shimmery vampire Robert Pattinson. The science fiction film is set on a spaceship heading towards a black hole but that’s the least of the problems for the ship full of prisoners. High-Life is set for wide release on November 7, 2018.


About High Life

Official Description: Monte is one of several death row inmates given the opportunity to forgo their sentence in exchange for manning a suicide space mission to harvest energy from near a black hole. The ship’s doctor is also conducting an experiment of her own, obsessively testing human’s ability to reproduce in space. The ragtag crew’s close quarters and grim fate breed dissent and ultimately brutal violence.

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High Life premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and blew people away. However, it’s not a film remotely intended to make tons of box office cash or even win Oscars. It’s on a pretentious level (not hating, I love her) all its own. Director Claire Denis tells singular stories with a focused voice that’s more reminiscent of a Kubrick or Jodorowsky which makes fantastic, but also inaccessible to a large part of the viewing audience. The story for High Life looks like more of the same from the legendary French filmmaker.


High Life features a cast that includes …

Robert Pattinson as Monte
Juliette Binoche as Dr. Dibs
Mia Goth as Boyse
Lars Eidinger as Chandra
André Benjamin as Tchemy
Agata Buzek as Nansen
Ewan Mitchell as Ettore
Jessie Ross as Willow (Teenager)
Scarlett Lindsey as Willow (Baby)
Claire Tran as Mink
Gloria Obianyo as Elektra


Both Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart parlayed shimmery vampire melodrama into big paydays that have afforded them the luxury of making movies they really want to make. Pattinson has a string of fantastic films under his belt, and while they don’t get the attention of Twilight, people should be paying attention. The actor knocks out role after role. Partnered with Denis and co-starring the equally fantastic Juliette Binoche is a match made for a bit of bizarre but brilliant cinematic heaven.


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