TRAILER: DON’T WATCH THIS Horror Anthology On Netflix

Don’t Watch This is a new movie from Netflix that collects five short horror films into one ghoulishly fun film. The film is a collaboration between Netflix, Crypt TV, the producers of Haunted, and the exec producers of Queer Eye that curtailed the usual Friday release. The anthology released on Monday, October 29, 2018, just in time for Halloween!


About Don’t Watch This

Official Description: There is none. It’s an anthology series, and reportedly Netflix “challenged talent and partners to bring us the most unbearable, unwatchable, can’t-possibly-finish short films you’ve ever seen on Netflix.”


Since it’s an anthology, here are descriptions for each of the five films in the series:

Friendship Bracelet

When two popular girls show up to her birthday party, outcast Julie goes to chilling extremes to make them her best friends.

Keep Out

Teaming up for one last spooky viral video, friends Noah and Alex break into a long-abandoned house, only to discover they’re not alone.



Ominous symbols, bodily horrors, and other frights converge in a surreal nightmare that’s not for the squeamish.


A spiteful hacker lured into a virtual reality game on the dark web races to solve three challenges—with harrowing results.

Antoni Psycho

As Queer Eye food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski shares the secrets of his healthy morning rituals, hints of a darker side emerge.


Full disclosure, I’m always onboard for an anthology series. That concept coupled with the awesome, b-movie inspired trailer is already enough to get me interested in watching Don’t Watch This. I’m also a big fan of the Netflix content machine. Not necessarily because they make great stuff but because they don’t seem afraid to go a little off the deep end here and there. Experimentation like this breeds classics and the more the merrier. Don’t Watch This looks like a deep dive into the depths of horror fun and just in time for the best day of the year — Halloween. #ChangeMyMind

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