TRAILER: THE AFTERMATH Is Steamy Post-War Romance With Damn Sexy Leads

The Aftermath stars Kiera Knightly as the wife of a soldier returning from war, and Alexander Skarsgard is a German living in their new house. Passions and tensions rise in The Aftermath which hits theaters in 2019.


About The Aftermath

Official Description: Post World War II, a British colonel, and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German who previously owned the house.

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The Aftermath trailer presents a beautiful film starring two hyper-charismatic leads. Skarsgård is an alluring but solemn German who is losing his home to Jason Clarke’s British soldier while Hamburg is rebuilt. The stunning Knightly is Clarke’s wife who just wants to get to a normal life. However, director Jason Kent’s film carefully teases the attraction between Knightly and Skarsgård, building it until we see glimpses of their passionate union. But from the looks of things that’s only a fraction of the story.


The Aftermath features a cast that includes …

Alexander Skarsgård as Stefan Lubert
Keira Knightley as Rachael Morgan, Lewis’s wife
Jason Clarke as Lewis Morgan, Rachel’s husband
Alexander Scheer as Siegfried Leitmann
Tom Bell as Captain Eliot
Flora Thiemann as Freda
Abigail Rice as Pamela Eliot
Jim High as British Soldier
Logan Hillier as British Captain
Anna Katharina Schimrigk as Heike


Two hot leads in a steamy romance set in a ruined city after the greatest war the world has ever known. On paper, it sounds like a sure-fire hit. But that Skarsgård accent though? Something about it was off, but despite that, the trailer for The Aftermath sets up an epic film centered around a passionate love story, and that’s a recipe for greatness or an epic fail.


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