Top 5 Moments: Nintendo Direct 4.12.17

Nintendo just held a Direct that was filled with 3DS, Switch, and amiibo news. Here are my top five moments.

5 – Yellow Joy-Con

Yellow Joy-Con

Nintendo has a chance to cash in on these Joy-Con. The red and blue versions are nice, but I’ll definitely be picking up this ARMS themed yellow pack.

4 – Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin amiibo discussed

It was only a matter of time until these figures were finally talked about. We knew they were in development, and now it’s finally time to get ‘em released and in the hands of collectors. A twist I wasn’t expecting is two versions of each.

3 – New Link amiibo

Although I’m excited for the other amiibo discussed in this Direct, I’m truly hyped for these three figures. The Majora’s Mask Link is one of my favorite yet; I’ll definitely be picking these up.

2 – ARMS gameplay

Before the presentation, I was moderately excited for ARMS, and although I’m still not over the moon about the title, the gameplay shown helped win me over. Getting a firm release date was helpful, as it ensures that Nintendo will be releasing more information about this game sooner than later.

1 – Splatoon 2 gets release date of July 21

Yes, my favorite moment from the Direct was a simple release date. Although, it’s not the date of some random indie title or port, it’s a brand new, Switch exclusive game that I am absolutely hyped for. The first Splatoon is amazing, and the second will surely be better.

What were your favorite moments from the direct? Comment below, let me know!

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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