Top 5 Moments From ‘Justice League’ #1


With the DC Universe experiencing a reboot, new trouble was bound to show itself. When the danger gets too overwhelming for Superman or Aquaman alone, the legendary Justice League is called in to take care of business.

This first issue sets up the level of chaos to expect in this series. It also introduces the first villain they will fight, the Kindred. It was an intense issue, and these are the top five moments to come out of it.


“Still got it.”

Justice League (2016)

The world is being torn apart by severe earthquakes, and as the team works to save everyone they can, Cyborg finds himself between a rock and a hard place. The hard place is a rampaging train about to colloid with caved in rubble. Instead of panicking, Cyborg plants his feet, recounts his time as a football player, and pushes against the train like it’s the opposing team’s offensive line. As he successful stops the train from crashing with mere inches to spare, he smiles and says “Still got it.” You most certainly do, Mr. Stone.

The Kindred Emerge

Justice League (2016)

With the ability to control people all over the globe, the Kindred are already proving to be a forced to be reckoned with. Having their victims act like zombies while talking in unison while they have pure red eyes only adds to the disturbing nature of their abilities. Their appearance is unsettling, and there is no way to tell where they are coming from, but they will definitely give the Justice League a run for their money in future issues.


Justice League (2016)

Part of the Kindred’s plan seems to be making sure the Justice League doesn’t get involved. They accomplish this by finding a way to take the powers away from them one by one, causing their abilities to fade just when they need them most. How are they accomplishing this? Who knows but these scenes of different heroes falling from grace make the reader want to know more.

Atlantis Crumbles

Justice League (2016)

Atlantis, hometown of Aquaman, doesn’t make it out of this issue in one piece. The undersea kingdom takes a lot of damage thanks to the ever increasing earthquakes. Just as the Kindred start to overwhelm Aquaman and it appears as if he won’t be able to do anything about it, it turns out he can’t. The palace continues to break apart until it falls to pieces with the reader not knowing if Aquaman survived or not. He probably will make it out, but he definitely won’t be happy about losing his home.

“Now I am angry.”

Justice League (2016)

Wonder Woman steals the number one spot for this issue. In the first few pages of the issue she comes crashing into a war zone to stop an invading army. Tearing apart their forces and pushing them back, she stands over her defeated foes and lets her know how much she is not pleased with their attempts to overpower innocents by saying, “Now I am angry.” It’s intense and gets you excited for the rest of the issue. This why this scene took the number one spot.

What were some of your favorite scenes from Justice League #1? Leave your comments below.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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