Top 5 Moments In ‘Red Hood And The Outlaws’ #1


Red Hood’s journey through the criminal underworld is going smoothly. After the setup for what to expect in Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth, Jason is now deep into his quest to bring the bad guys down from the inside. This first issue didn’t disappoint, and here are the top five moments which really stood out.

Red Hood

5. Black Mask’s Bio

A good two page splash needs to be able to help illuminate a part of a story while at the same time justifying so much space. In a very impressive spread, Jason pulls up all the information he has on Black Mask on his computer and it offers some great details. Newspaper headlines, photos, and records are all display and serves as a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t read about the Black Mask before.

Red Hood

4. Reunion

Meeting Ma Gunn again, one of the first supervillains he ever faced, would be hard enough. Having to save her from a well placed bomb is even worse. Still, after a very impressive flashback to having to save Batman from her in the early days, Jason finds himself in the present and having to dive away from a blast with Ma Gunn in his arms. Not exactly a Kodak moment.

Red Hood

3. Lady Gotham

While standing on a ledge overlooking the city, Black Mask romanticizes about the city of Gotham. He talks about how others use and abuse her but he has always been about doing everything he can to make it the best place possible. It’s another impressive splash page and it features the kind of villain monologue which really helps you understand the Kool-Aid he is trying to sell, and even makes tempts you to take a sip.

Red Hood

2. Piece of Cake

Having to prove himself to Black Mask, Jason sets out on his first errands for his new boss. He describes it as being a piece of cake, but this cake involves planting explosives and stopping a train to grab its cargo. If this is what the easy tasks he’s given look like, it’s scary to think what he’ll have to do from here on out.

Red Hood

1. Great. An Amazon.

Artemis the Amazon Warrior ends the issue by kicking open a door and making herself known. Sure, the cover made it painfully obvious she was coming but the art of the scene, complete with showing her large ax across her shoulders and the fact she’s probably going to be try and crush the Red Hood’s helmet sold it. It easily stole the number one moment of the issue and will make the readers eager for the next one to be released.

What were your favorite moments from Red Hood and The Outlaws #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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