Top 5 Marvel Characters who shouldn’t be in any Marvel movie

Marvel seems to be hell bent on including as many characters as possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What people seem to not realize is that the Marvel universe is so vast and expansive that not every character should be in that cinematic universe. So, in an effort to assist the good people at Marvel, I’m going to give you 5 marvel characters that shouldn’t be in a Marvel movie.

5) The Great Lake Avengers-

The Great Lake Avengers were Marvel’s equivalent of the Avengers if they were based out of Wisconsin. The members of the team were-Mister Immortal, Big Bertha, Doorman, and Flatman. Wisconsin is known for the Packers not terrible superhero teams. These characters looked lame and the story lines were even worse than that.

No one wants to join your group cause you are lame!
No one wants to join your group cause you are lame!

4) Sub-Mariner

I’m sure you are looking at that picture and you are thinking “dude, that’s Aquaman but with a speedo.” No, this would be Marvel’s version of Aquaman. It would seem that they only difference is that Sub-Mariner is clean shaven but other than that the similarities are striking. I’m sure the thought crossed the mind of many a Marvel executive about doing a movie around Aquaman’s doppelganger but seriously what is the point? All it’s going to do is bring up the much more famous DC character.

Fear me !
Fear me !

3) She-Hulk

I would think that any Hulk movie would center on Bruce Banner’s character not his cousin Jennifer Walters. She becomes the Hulk due to a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, which makes no sense to begin with. She is completely fine with being the Hulk unlike Bruce which leads me to believe that Marvel wouldn’t touch that storyline because it contradicts so much of the Banner story line. Besides, she doesn’t look really “Hulk” like anyway. Jennifer Walters looks more like a woman who dressed up to go to Comic-Con.

Is this suppose to  be She-Hulk or some lady from comic-con?
Is this suppose to be She-Hulk or some lady from comic-con?

2) Alpha Flight

This was Canada’s answer to the X-Men/Avengers. The group consisted of –Aurora, Guardian, Marina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, and Vindicator. They all worked for a fictional department of the Canadian Government known as department H. This group was originally suppose to be part of Wolverine’s back story and should have stayed a back story.

Yay ! It's the Canadian X-Men!
Yay ! It’s the Canadian X-Men!

1) Man-Thing

This character looks like something you would see on Bigfoot Hunters. I’m not sure what the story line is behind this Marvel character but I am already disinterested. I’ve seen scarier looking people waiting in line at Disney World than whatever this is. I realize that Man-Thing was created in 1974 but not everything from the 70’s is worth bringing back.

I'm without words.
I’m without words.
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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