Monkeys Fighting Robots

You gotta love Twitter and its various uses. Some folks use it to spit venom, others use it to feed comic fans with sweet mysterious images that get them thinking. Writer Tom King is one of the latter and has once again dropped a tweet about a ‘secret project’. Check it out below.

Now that image can be by anyone and be about anything. But…if you add the following tweet by frequent King collaborator Jason Fabok, things begin to get very interesting.

Monkeys Fighting Robots Youtube

So let’s add up a few things. The image in King’s tweet is somewhere very snowy and it certainly looks a lot like Fabok’s line work. Fabok’s tweet shows and mentions snow. Both tweets mention being a ‘secret collaboration’. So the idea the two are related is not a stretch. But that still leaves us with WHAT it could all be about. And for that, we need to look closely at the image Tom King posted. It’s a severed hand, surrounded by some kind of energy, that begins to move. So who could it be? My money is on Rorschach!

Fans of Watchmen certainly must remember that that character met his demise when Dr. Manhattan used his powers to vaporize him at the end of the story. We all know Manhattan is behind everything that has been happening DC: Rebirth, so what if bringing back Rorschach is also part of his plan? Oh, and of course King and Fabok also worked together on the Batman/Flash ‘The Button’ crossover which recently pushed Rebirth even further. And lastly, there was also a pretty recent tweet by Geoff Johns that debuted a lenticular Doomsday Clock cover that also featured the fan favorite Watchmen vigilante.

Okay DC fans, this is all speculation but speculating is one of the many reasons it’s so much fun to be a comic book fan in this day and age. And I’m not the only one that thinks so as has also made some similar conclusions. They even went deeper.

So what do you guys think? IS Walter Kovacks coming? Comment and discuss below.