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So, has everyone has a moment to breath after the bombshell revelation which has just been dropped on us? There are a lot which comes from this revelation so let’s go one step at a time.

Rose Quartz Was Pink Diamond

Steven Universe

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This is the biggest element to take away. Early footage saw Pearl in the shadows holding Rose’s sword so everyone grabbed onto the idea she has been the one to shatter Pink Diamond. Instead it was all a lie. Pink Diamond had disguised herself as Rose Quartz to be able to go out and explore more of her colony. Once she realized she would never be able to live in the world as a Diamond, she decided to stage her own death by having her Pearl impersonate her other form. This is major point which left many fans feeling their jaws hit the floor but there is much more which can be looked at.

Internal Rebellion

Steven Universe

Instead of a wayward worker who wanted to throw off the shackles, the revelation of Rose being Pink Diamond shows much more. Pink had fallen in love with her colony, the planet Earth, and didn’t want to see it come to harm. Despite her constant protests the other diamonds were insistent Earth be used like any other colony which meant it would be drained to make new Gem soldiers and eventually destroyed when the Gem weapon, the Cluster emerged. Pink couldn’t see this come to pass which is why she went through the elaborate plan of faking her own shattering.

Steven Is A Diamond

Steven Universe

Explains a lot actually. Steven has displayed an almost abundant amount of powers throughout the series. It made fans wonder if he had a limit. If his Gem is actually a Diamond, his ever growing power set makes much more sense. It also explains the dreams he has been having about being Pink Diamond. This will definitely shake things up as the series progresses.

Feeling Blue

Steven Universe
A flashback showed it was Blue Diamond who took a more stern, motherly role in Pink’s deployment. Blue insisted Pink’s protests were simply jitters and Pink would eventually take her rightful place as a diamond who could led the colony correctly. The previous appearances of Blue Diamond has shown she constantly battles with depression over the loss of Pink. This no doubt comes from the feeling of guilt as Blue kept pushing Pink on without heading Pink’s warnings. Blue’s depression stems from the belief if she had listened Pink wouldn’t have been shattered.

Lion Is What?

Steven Universe
Lion isn’t a reformed pink diamond like everyone believed for so long. There is no telling when it secret behind the pink Lion and the strange powers he displays. For now at least one of the major theories behind him has been put to rest.

Wrongful Imprisonment

Steven Universe
A small note but it is worth bringing up. The Diamonds, in retaliation for what they believed to be Rose Quartz Rebellion have all the remaining Rose Quartz made since bubbled out of fear another such event would take place. An entire class of Gem has had to suffer thanks to Pink Diamond’s decision.

Phoney Story

Steven Universe
What the gems knew about Rose isn’t the truth. She was not a worker who rebelled after seeing the joy of the world but a diamond the entire time. Really puts a damper on the touching origin story Garnet gave just a few episodes ago. A preview for the next episode shows this is going to have repercussions. It showed Garnet unfusing as Sapphire is unable to deal with this revelation. What about the rest of the cast? What will Lapis do? Will she try to kill Steven for her hatred for the Diamonds? Not everyone will take this news well and they may have mixed feelings for the lie which has been spread for so long.

What were your thoughts after what just happened with Steven Universe? Leave a comment below and let us know.