The Wesvolution #2: The Walking Dead: TV Establishment

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV, that’s a given. Even after a period of slow burn storytelling, it’s still one of the highest rated shows out there. In a conversation I had recently I thought about this, The Walking Dead is now TV Establishment. It’s a show that is now so entrenched in the television landscape that it isn’t going anywhere. For anyone that complains about the slow storytelling and so forth, it’s now a show that’s firmly established. The series is now one that’s been through so much that it has proven it can stand the test of time. Now you’re probably already thinking, “Why is The Walking Dead now TV Establishment?” well let’s hash this out a bit more. Let the Wesvolution begin!

The Walking Dead is the sort of series that fits perfectly in the TV Establishment.

Now with TV the best way to know a show is now entrenched in our world is what influence it has. For one thing, it has ratings and killer ratings at that. Even when the show lost ratings, it still did powerful numbers on Sunday nights. It is also an influencer in how AMC programs their lineup with Talking Dead and the spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. Considering that AMC has had a rough time finding any series with the legs this series has, you could say zombies rule the AMC roost. The Walking Dead has become a powerhouse in the TV landscape. When the series is one of the highest rated shows of 2016, even with a ratings drop, that’s saying something. This show is a force to be reckoned with.

I call The Walking Dead part of the TV Establishment because the ratings alone prove it has earned its place there. Now creatively, that’s something to detail in itself. Season Seven has been a slog and a half yet even with that ratings drop, it’s still going strong. When you become part of the TV Establishment, it is tough to get knocked down. Once you are there, you are there and you will likely stay there. At this stage of the game unless something seriously bad happens, it’s going to easily be on TV for ten seasons. It’s interesting to think about too, from popular comic to a bigger than life TV series. Love it or hate it, The Walking Dead is a part of the TV Establishment for a long time to come.

I remember back when The Walking Dead began and no one knew what to make of it. Now look how far it has come my friends. That is crazy.

Now I open up the conversation to you all in the Monkeys Fighting Robots Universe. What do you all think of The Walking Dead? Do you like it as much as you did back in the day? Do you think the series is too big to fail at this point? Feel free to make your voice heard in the comment section below. Till next time, The Wesvolution will not be televised.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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