Monkeys Fighting Robots

The next generation of heroes has arrived and it is consisted of a diverse squad of Secret Warriors as part of the upcoming Marvel Rising animated project.

The six, four-minute digital shorts and feature-length animated film were actually teased in winter of 2017, but now fans get a first look at the entire team lineup. The 10-member group will see powered teens Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Inferno (Dante Pertuz), Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), The formerly known as Spider-Gwen, Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy), Quake (Daisy Johnson), Patriot (Rayshaun Lucas), America Chavez and sidekicks Lockjaw and Tippy-Toe.

The aim of the squad is to inspire youthful audiences with material they can relate to with inclusive heroes that closely resemble the world we all live in.

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Click HERE for Marvel’s complete team announcement and individual bios, including the actors cast to voice the characters.

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