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Arthur Curry grew up on land, after being cast out from Atlantis as an infant. Once matured, he returned to claim the throne as The King of the Seven Seas. He’s committed to protecting the world from a surface world that is destroying the oceans and Atlanteans that seek to conform and revolt. He can breathe underwater, swim at incredible speeds and possesses the ability to telepathically communicate with all ocean life. That’s just in the water. On land, he has superhuman strength, peaked senses and untraversable skin. He struggles with continual conflict in trying to protect both of his homes, the sea and land, which makes him feel like an outcast no matter where he is.

You hear all of that and think to yourself, that character is awesome, right? We agree. However, he’s been at the forefront of a running joke for almost 76 years. Tabbed as the ‘Superhero that could just talk to fish’, he has been singled out in the Justice League, the equivalent to what Meg is to Family Guy, and included in various sketches on Saturday Night Live, Robot Chicken (VIDEO) and in various YouTube spoofs. His early costume choices and runs on both the Aquaman animated series (1960s) and ‘Superfriends’ (1970s) also negated the character to further irrelevancy.


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Calling all fellow Entourage enthusiasts: We all remember when Vincent Chase (aka Adrian Grenier) took on the role of Aquaman on the show, which was directed by James Cameron, and it became the highest-grossing movie of all time! The outfit that was pitched though, just awful.

He made his first appearance in a comic called, ‘More Fun Comics #73’, back in 1941. He has come a long way. When DC Comics launched its New 52 in 2011, Aquaman was a much different character. He was spending more time in helping humans, he wasn’t in it for the glory, rather he did what he had to and split, his powers were more well defined, and the creators embraced the ongoing jokes about the character to improve his stock, which was genius. Geoff Johns took the character to new heights. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado provided the art for that series, while Johns also wrote the Justice League title over that span with art by both Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Either way, Johns scribbled the character into both relevance and prominence and  helped set the stage for the character to make its way to the silver screen.

Whether you have seen the ‘Justice League’ film yet, there is no denying that Jason Momoa is a bad dude. He rules everything he does. He jumped onto the scene as Jason Ioane in Baywatch and has since taken on such awesome characters like, Ronon Dex (Stargate: Atlantis), Conan the Barbarian, Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones), is currently Declan Harp in Frontier on Netflix and is set to be Eric Draven in The Crow Reborn. He’s the man. He has propelled Aquaman as a superhero to be taken seriously and we look forward to his solo movie, directed by James Wan, which is set for a 2018-19 release.

Want even more Aquaman? Check out the history of the character via the Variant Comics YouTube channel video below.


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