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What is the biggest problem which comes after the final battle in Kill La Kill? After you have enjoyed enough Manga and Anime you are able to read between the lines and can see a detail or two another may have missed. Through this and other detailed evidence you are able to piece together what really happened in a particular series. This results in an abstract idea, a thought which doesn’t have a physical existence but can be speculated. Welcome to Anime Abstract.


After a chaotic and desperate battle, Ryuko was able to defeat Ragyo Kiryuin and the menace of the Life Fibers. The threat of the alien parasites which presented itself as simple thread had come to a close. The final scenes of the show showcase a world of peace. This is a juxtapose to the totalitarian society seen previously in the show where the entire city (and later the world) was under the thumb of Honnouji academy. It is here where the major concern comes to light.

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Kill La Kill

With the threat of the Life Fiber in the past the world evolved into a society reflecting the modern world of today. This the part of Kill La Kill which is hard to swallow. School uniforms granting superpowers and aliens which will take over people through clothing is easy enough to accept. It’s anime. Crazy stuff happens all the time the audience has no choice but to accept. An ending though which wants to show the happy go lucky world which came after an alien invasion seems a bit too forced.

After the events of the Life Fiber attacks society returned to semi-normal complete with everyone wearing non-alien clothing. This the part of the anime which seems to not display the proper consequences of such an attack. After the events with the Life Fiber and clothing trying to take over the world the human race wouldn’t be so quick to cloak themselves again. Individuals would suffer from a case of PTSD on a global scale.

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Thought many have heard it before here is a quick definition. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) “is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.” Normally, this isn’t simple an everyday fright but one which is deep or very haunting like say the death of a loved or in the case of Kill La Kill, surviving an alien invasion.

Many people throughout the world would have struggled with PTSD after the events of the Life Fiber invasion. They would not have been so quick to adapt to a clothing based society. It is even more odd when you realize who participated in such an uncharacteristic change.

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In episode 25, an OVA episode released in Japan on the 9th Blu-ray, we see a adventure which takes place in the series after the battle with Ragyo and before the epilogue credits in episode 24. In the course of this OVA, members of the resistance movement, Nudist Beach, Aikuro Mikisugi and Tsumugu Kinagase are revealed to have totally recommitted back into clothing based society. Considering they were instrumental behind the moment, you would think they would be the first to continue some kind of anti-clothing lifestyle. Maybe even start some kind of clinic to help others suffering from PTSD related to the Life Fiber invasion.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come to pass. The world has no problem going back to wearing clothing despite an alien invasion based entirely around a fashion oriented plan of attack. You have to admit, once you think about it, there should at least be some individual who would be triggered by the thought of having to wear a business suit again.

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