‘The Flash’ Season 3: First Look At Magenta, Black Flash Possibility, Mirror Master Origin

The Flash Season 3 is ever closer, and new information is coming out in smaller drips, as the majority of the general information has dropped during San Diego Comic Con 2016. The Flash Season 3 is going to bring a whole slew of new DC Comics characters into the fold, in part because of The Flash meddling with the timeline, and Kid Flash, Savitar, Magenta, and others are said to be a part the Fall 2016 season.

Comicbook reports that future Magenta actress Joey King took to Twitter to tease fans with her Season 3 look for The Flash.

Magenta is a DC Comics character that operates much like a female DC Comics version of Marvel’s Magneto. Magenta is a Wally West/The Flash villain when Wally wasn’t Kid Flash, so it seems to fit partially into this Flashpoint Paradox/CW universe that Barry Allen messed with and formed.

The Flash Season 2 finale saw the end, and almost disembodiment and actual decay of, Zoom at the hands of the “Time Wraiths.” However, there was a slight hint that he could return as a DC Comics character known as “Black Flash.” The running dead look that Zoom donned as the Time Wraiths were decaying and taking him away is the DC Comics look for the said character.

So, should fans expect Black Flash in Season 3? Producer Andrew Kreisberg was cryptic but suggests that Black Flash might be rearing his decayed head in the future.

“Obviously we did that on purpose. We love working with Teddy [Sears]. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can’t keep a good Black Flash down, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him in the future.”

Black Flash DC Comics

Another DC Comics character that menaces The Flash is also on his…or rather “her” way to Season 3. The Top was a male character, now a female on the CW, who often tagged along with the much-anticipated villain Mirror Master. Though, there does not seem to be any sign of Mirror Master heading to the show anytime soon.

However, executive producer Aaron and Todd Helbing say The Top’s entrance into the fourth episode will be part of an origin story for Mirror Master.

“It’s kind of the origin of Mirror Master…We’re really excited. It’s the origin story of him, but it’s this struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold, and you get to see who comes out on top.”

So, it sounds like Mirror Master is confirmed after all, but no further details seem to exist at this time. How will The Top, Mirror Master, and the other aforementioned villains play into the Season 3 Flashpoint Paradox? It is likely you’ll have to wait until October.

However, you may leave your speculations, opinions, and theories below.

[Photos Courtesy Of CW/DC Comics]

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