‘The Flash’ Season 2 Update: Joe West To Get New Partner, Reports Indicate

The Flash season 2 is mostly shrouded in mystery, but at this point we do know a few things. The most recent Flash news was that Detective Joe West will be getting a new partner. Obviously, the flash fans who have been watching season 1, know why he is in need of a new partner for season 2. For anyone who has not seen the Flash season 1, there will be some spoilers ahead.

Please proceed with caution, and do not say you were not warned. Cineblend reports that the Flash season 2 will feature Patty Spivot as Detective, and Barry Allen love interest Iris West’s father, Joe West’s new partner. That was a mouthful. The Flash season 1 saw the death of Joe West’s first partner Eddie Thawne, the distant relative of Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne. Eddie Thawne, after the flash disappointingly still could not beat Reverse-Flash, shot himself. This sacrifice ended the Thawne line, which ended the Eobard.

Comicbook points out that the flash’s newest addition to its season 2 characters is actually a Central City lab assistant and love interest of the Flash himself, Barry Allen, in the DC Comic books. As they say, plot thickens.

Monkey’s Fighting Robots reported earlier that the Flash season 2 would already be adding a new love interest for Barry Allen, and her name is Wendy. We know less about Wendy, but with Patty, Wendy, and Iris, Barry appears to have a full plate of soap opera-like drama to contend with in season 2. The Flash has yet to face this criticism, but its fellow DC Comics TV show Arrow had a similar complained lodged against it in season 1.

As the Inquisitr has pointed out, the Flash’s fans have Killer Frost, Vibe, the potential return of somebody playing Reverse, and many other treats in store for season 2. If season 2 can match season 1, and the weighty expectation fans have for it, it is safe to say that Flash will continue its comic book TV show dominance among its peers.

What are your thoughts? Have you been following the season 2 news?

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[Image Via Creative Commons/CW Screenshot/DC Comics]

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