‘The Flash’ Season 2 Update: Barry Allen Will Have A Brand New Love Next Season, But What About Iris?

The Flash was many things in season 1, but Barry Allen certainly was not known for his skills as a casanova, so it a new love interest may sound like a stretch. However, according to TV Line, that is just what the Flash season 2 will provide for Barry Allen. Allen, the real identity of the Flash, will be meeting Wendy as season 2 regular. She is described as a “spunky, fun and funny” love interest for the Flash. We have been told to expect a Felcity-like character.

Though, for anyone who followed the Flash season 1, Iris West will one day become Iris West-Allen in the future. This was according to Gideon, the AI that Reverse-Flash utilized to review any affects his past decision had on the future. So, it certainly seems a little curious that the Flash will presumably not start dating his future hyphenated wife, but it is a bit too early to get too deep into a season that is five months away.

For any the Flash’s fans who have no clue who Wendy is, Comic Book Resources gives us some theories. First of all, similar to the Dr. Harrison Wells character was in the first season of the flash, Wendy will be for season 2 of the flash.

In DC Comics, but not necessarily the Flash comics, there is a character named Wendy Harris. Wendy was a sidekick of the Superfriends, which involved with flash’s justice league compatriots. Later, she became the protégé of Batgirl, and become the DC character Proxy.

As far as a new love interest for the Flash, that seems too often the beaten trail, as Batgirl and all of that has not been introduce to this DC / CW TV universe yet. In the New 52 storyline for the Flash there is however a lab assistant for the Central City Police Department named Patty, who happens to be a love interest for the Flash. It gets confusing, but only if you drag all of the Flash or other DC Comics into it.

For now the Flash TV show fans will just have to wait, and hope this romance fades like the journalist love interest, West-Allen can re-chart its course in season 2.

[Image Via Creative Commons/CW]

David Joseph
David Joseph
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