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This week’s chapter of The Flash goes above and beyond to deliver a fantastic installment.

The Flash War has finally begun. Wally West had learned from Hunter Zolomon that his children, Irey and Jai, are trapped in the Speed Force. The only way to get them out is by going fast enough to break into the Speed Force and get them out. Barry, however, knows the last time he tried something like that, he caused the Flashpoint Paradox. Wally, who has had mostly losses regarding his personal life, decides to go through with it and speeds off to save his kids. Will Barry be able to stop Wally before he makes a terrible mistake?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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While the two Flashes race one another across the world, they begin to cause hysteria in the universe. Their race somehow affects several different areas across the multiverse, including The Green and the forces of magic, showing how vast the Speed Force is. Sensing that this race could be life-threatening, the Justice League tries to step in to stop them. The Flashes prove too much however as they outrace Superman and shatter Green Lantern’s constructs with ease.

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There are a few people I know that only see The Flash as just “the fast one.” After this issue, however, The Flash has never been more powerful. The things that are seen affected by this simple race is jaw-dropping. There is even a panel of Highfather on New Genesis comparing the effects to something outside the source wall. To the uninitiated, when Gods begin to worry about the energy output, you know it’s dangerous.

Action aside, this issue hits the mark in terms of character. There is a conversation between Wally and Barry during the race, and you just see the bond slowly break. It’s heartbreaking to see the pair fight, especially when both have good intentions. Wally just wants his kids back, and Barry wants to stop Wally from making the mistakes he made. It is scenes like this that mix with action so well that makes this series fantastic.

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Howard Porter continues to illustrate the story arc and does a fantastic job this issue. The two-page spread in the opening is just perfect to show off the power of The Flash. The more a reader looks at the page, the more they would see the Speed Force at work. The only thing that makes the illustrations better is the masterful colors of Hi-Fi. The vibrant colors allow the characters to pop and the powers from all the heroes to shine. Despite the missteps from the last issue, the team goes above and beyond here.



This issue is a phenomenal entry in not only The Flash War arc but the series as a whole. It has great action and plenty of emotion in terms of story to hook readers. The art team knocks it out of the park, having the fastest men alive pop right off the page. If you haven’t picked this up yet, I recommend going out now and give it a read.

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the-flash-49-reviewThis chapter of The Flash War is the best one yet.