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The Archies have fixed their van and are back on the road. But getting to Hollywood, California is still far away and a gig is needed to help get there. But what happens when Veronica’s plan for a fancy hotel falls apart and worse yet, so does their much-needed gig! Is the tour over before it even starts?! Will The Archies find a place to stay where they can do more than taking a much-needed nap? And will Jughead get some food?! Find out as the hijinks continue in The Archies!The Archies

The Archies #2
Written by: Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg
Art by: Joe Eisma
Colors by: Matt Herms
Lettering by: Jack Morelli
Published by: Archie Comics


Issue two of The Archies continues everything that made issue one such a great read. Once again Archie narrates directly to the reader, but there is a bit of added suspense as Archie is leading us up to what has happened as he drives the van. It has the feel of a friend telling you a story, catching you up as the details come to them. It’s an infectious way to drive the narrative.

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The characterization also remains solid. By now everyone knows these characters and how they relate to each other, but Segura and Rosenberg continue to find ways to make the Archie gang fresh, relevant and funny.The Archies

The plot this issue has the planned gig falling apart right after Veronica’s credit card, well her dad’s actually, get’s declined. Vernocia dealing with her usual comforts being taken from her is always fuel for humor, and it’s nice to see that the Lodge’s money isn’t going to be a deus ex machina to get them out of a jam. Each of the gang’s individual reaction to this situation is great, further emphasizing the classic personalities we love about these characters. And as I expected Jughead continues to be my favorite.

Of course, things eventually sway back in The Archie’s direction and things end up better for them then they imagined. The issue ends with a great bit that sets up the first real-life band set to make an appearance; Scottish synth-pop band Chvrches.

The Archies


Eisma and Herms expand on the great work they did on both the one-shot and issue one. There seems to be more comfort in expressing physical humor through some great cartooning. They also continue to really capture the mood and energy of music being played (not an easy feat for something with absolutely no sound.) The stage scenes, in particular, have the layout, design, and feel of a concert poster. Those pages, in particular, are fantastic to look at. But the art overall is great, and this is the best looking mainstream Archie book on the stands.The Archies


The Archies is a book that will appeal to a very broad range of Archie fans, and issue two shows why audiophiles and pop-music fans need to take note as well. This issue is where we really start to see what this title has to offer and following The Archies on tour is something you definitely want to do!

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the-archies-issue-two-review'The Archies' continues to be the best of the mainstream Archie books. It's great for classic fans AND modern fans. It also shows a love of music and playing music that makes it unique. If you have ever picked up a record or a guitar you will want to pick up the comic as well!