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This is the third part of a crossover between Super Sons, Teen Titans, and Superman. If you haven’t read the review for part two, click here.

Despite it being a new year, we still have some arcs from 2017 we have to wrap up. One example is the crossover between Super Sons, Teen Titans, and Superman: “Super Sons of Tomorrow”. A future version of Tim Drake, introduced in Detective Comics, has resurfaced to kill Jon Kent. In the future, the son of Superman would enter a conflict with the adult Damian Wayne, causing him to literally explode and kill millions. In his pursuit to kill the Boy of Steel, he comes to blows with Batman, Superman, and finally the Teen Titans. Drake allows Raven to show his memories to the Titans and Jon, but the trauma causes Jon to prematurely explode. As the dust settles, it’s revealed someone is following Drake: The Titans of Tomorrow. What is their role in all of this? Will they assist Tim Drake in killing a child or stop him before it’s too late?

Titans Divided

**Some Spoilers Below**


After the explosion at Titans Tower, Damian finds Superboy flung into the ocean and picks him up. Their plan is to head to the Fortress of Solitude and get Superman’s help against the Future Tim Drake. Drake, however, has a couple of ideas as well. First, to hide from the Titans of Tomorrow, he creates a new suit and takes up the identity of Savior. Second, he goes to convince the Titans to help take down Jon.

The questions left from the last issue are answered here, but there are a few inconsistencies with the plot. First off, the Titans willingly go with a guy who attacked them. Granted, it’s only two members, but that still doesn’t seem right, especially when one is a telepath. It’s clear that Savior wants to kill Jon, so why is helping him even up for debate? This conflict between the Titans feels forced for another story arc down the road. Second, the source of the explosion is revealed to be the Super Solar Flare power from the end of the New 52 run of Superman. The powers from an entirely different Superman are now within Jon but not his father? There are a few other inconsistencies that might not seem big on their own, but together bring the issue and the story down.


The art of this issue walks a line in terms of quality. There are times where the art is fantastic and other times where it feels awkward. An example of this awkwardness is character’s facial expressions, especially on Jon. There is a conversation between him and Damian and you can tell that he’s going through a lot through the dialogue. Problem is Jon doesn’t show any emotion from it. The boy learns he’s going to kill millions and betray the Titans, but his face is neutral. Maybe the artists were trying to have a more genuine feeling to this, but considering how the last issue had a more cartoonish look, it’s jarring.

The fantastic parts of the issue come in the form of the future character designs. The colors and pencil work mesh perfectly to create fantastic looking heroes. Even the look of Savior stands out amongst the rest of the art. His suit looks to be a homage to Red Robin, Future Damian Wayne, and a little Flashpoint Batman. There is fantastic looking art throughout, you just need to look past the awkward parts.


As we inch closer and closer to the finale, we are left with inconsistencies that pull the issue down. It’s as if there is a story there, but more time needed to be put in to flesh out the story. The art can be awkward, but there are some amazing pieces littered throughout. Overall, it might be best to borrow this from a friend than buying it.

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teen-titans-15-reviewWhile the questions of the last issue were answered, several inconsistencies drag the issue down.