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AGE OF X-MAN: OMEGA: Thompson & Nadler Stick The Landing

The AGE OF X-MAN��is over, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson's mutant utopia comes crashing down. AGE OF X-MAN: OMEGA wraps up this X-Men event.

UNCANNY X-MEN #21 – Black Queen Operates In Grey Area

The X-Men had forgotten Emma Frost ever existed, but no longer. Scott and his fellow mutants go to confront his former lover in UNCANNY X-MEN #21.

Jonathan Hickman On His Big Plans For The X-Men

Monday, May 13 was designated "X-Men Day" and now, one day later, comes some big X-news. We already knew Jonathan Hickman is returning to...

Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek Set to Celebrate 25 years of MARVELS

The Marvels made its debut in 1994, when Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross surprised fans with a new perspective on the Marvel Universe, one...

Mutant July: Marvel and Hickman to Ring in Two New X-MEN Series

A major mutant overhaul is imminent at Marvel as two new series are en route in House of X and Powers of X, both...

Hickman’s Return To Marvel: New X-Books, New Logo

Marvel Comics made a lot of news at C2E2 this year, but maybe none bigger than the return of writer Jonathan Hickman to the...

UNCANNY X-MEN #14 – Rosenberg At The Height Of His Powers

Scott Summers and Logan band together the remaining mutants untouched by Age Of X-Man. Writer Matthew Rosenberg reaches new heights in UNCANNY X-MEN #14.

APOCALYPSE AND THE X-TRACTS #1 – The Groovy Revolution

En Sabah Nur leads a psychedelic underground resistance against X-Man in APOCALYPSE AND THE EXTRACTS #1.

Why You Should Be Reading MR. & MRS. X

The first volume of Mr. & Mrs. X, "Love and Marriage", is out this week from Marvel Comics, chronicling the new adventures of X-Men Rogue...