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Review: HEARTS BEAT LOUD Is The One Movie Everyone Should See

Brett Haley’s Hearts Beat Loud offers audiences a heartfelt narrative and fully developed characters who are unassuming which makes for a joyous experience for the audience.

Review: HEREDITARY Is Frighteningly Fantastic And Extremely Unsettling

Director Ari Aster’s feature debut for A24, Hereditary, is a crackling journey oozing with terror which slowly builds to a horrific conclusion.

Review: HEREDITARY Shows The Power Of Subtlety & Editing In Horror

Hereditary is the latest art-house horror picture from A24 films, one that's being deemed the "scariest movie in decades." The film is written and directed...

Check Out the Unnerving Trailer for HEREDITARY, the Sundance Horror Hit

This year's Sundance Film Festival was a more low-key affair comparatively speaking. There was no sensation of the festival, not record-breaking deals. But there...

Trailer: Dakota Fanning Boldy Goes as a ‘Star Trek’ Fan in ‘Please Stand By’

Star Trek has inspired generations of fans to explore beyond their horizons and that’s what Dakota Fanning does in Please Stand By. Fanning stars as...

Why KRAMPUS Is The Christmas Hero We Deserve

Krampus pulls off something which nearly every other Christmas movie writes to Santa about: it creates an understanding for why this flawed season is crucial to...

Review: ‘Krampus’ is a Fun, Often Terrifying Holiday Horror Throwback

Krampus, the new holiday horror comedy from Trick r' Treat director Michael Dougherty, tells the German folktale about a pagan, hoofed demon who visits...
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