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Taki Soma

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AFTER REALM #2: The Origin Worthy of Simonson

After Realm #2 out this week from Image Comics provides an epic backstory to the series' main character before really going into the mythic...

Review: DICK TRACY FOREVER #4 Storms Blindly Into The Future

Dick Tracy Forever #4 from IDW Publishing is a fun science fiction comic but constant references and busy panels act as a barrier to the core of the story.

Review: Fighting For Life In DICK TRACY FOREVER #3

Dick Tracy Forever from IDW Publishing is a dramatic, fun adventure ride that pays homage to Chester Gould’s original strips.

Review: DICK TRACY FOREVER #2, Fast Fists and Future Tech

Dick Tracy Forever from IDW Publishing is bold and brash, over the top action with wild visuals and design.

Review: Embracing The Past With DICK TRACY FOREVER

IDW Publishing are no strangers to Dick Tracy. They have been reprinting the newspaper strips in wonderful collection books since 2006 and have already...

Bendis Impresses In U.S. VS. MURDER INC. #1

A 12-year-old girl is introduced to a family of assassins, hitmen, and murder generations in the making in this week’s UNITED STATES VS. MURDER INC. #1 as Brian...