After Realm #2 tells the origin of the main character in a colorfully expressive backstory. One that might make a reader consider reading more about Norse comics from Oeming and Walt Simonson.

AFTER REALM #2: The Origin Worthy of Simonson

After Realm #2 out this week from Image Comics provides an epic backstory to the series’ main character before really going into the mythic main series. In fact, this issue would make epic comic creator Walt Simonson proud.


After Realm is a post-apocalyptic story where the event of Ragnarok wreaks havoc with Loki’s release, his releaser, the elven ranger Oona must now journey throughout Midgard to discover the fate of the Old Gods.

After Realm #2: The Origin

Last issue Michael Avon Oeming shows Midgard in chaos with trolls and the Statue of Liberty alive. All while Oona struggles to keep herself and her bird friend in one piece. But where does it all begin in After Realm #2? Why in a flashback Oona dramatizes of course. Readers can tell from the dialogue of the younger Oona that the present version isn’t too fond of this part in her life. However, there’s a colorful contrast to all of the bleak moments. A child’s naivety can lead to optimistic ideas to combat grimdark settings.

After Realm #2 and its conflict with Loki goes to lengths to show how Oona’s struggles react to her identity. Not able to fit in, she makes a startling discovery about her parentage. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to make what little friends she can or let Loki do as he pleases. However, there’s a flaw in how the series goes into details you would need Norse mythology knowledge for. Like Loki’s love for his wife or the goat that transports Thor. Good for people familiar with Marvel Thor, especially Oeming’s take, or Walt Simonson, but not so much for everybody else.

A Familiar Creative Team

After Realm #2 features scenes of intense emotion such as the facial language of young Oona’s eyes. The look of shock at seeing her friend expresses a perfect state of mixed emotion. Along with the breathtaking landscapes, a reader could return to the pages just to take it all in. Thankfully Oeming’s wife and colorist, Taki Soma helps make those images memorable while keeping the reader on track. Something as simple as Oona’s red hair against the blue backgrounds helps guide the reader through.

Which along with Shawn Lee’s lettering helps keep the emotional intensity up. The part where Oona convinces herself that her ploy against isn’t a trick by repeating words as they enlarge and embolden displays this. In addition, Loki’s red word balloons act as a reminder of his clash with Oona. At least until his emotions run high and they can’t be contained.

After Realm #2 Is The Abridged Ragnarok

Oeming instills pure passion into After Realm #2. By setting up how the main character sees herself and how she operates, the reader finds an enjoyable romp. All the better thanks to the mythic tone through the coloring and lettering. In any case, if you’re mythology buff like Oeming or Simonson, you just might like this.

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After Realm #2 tells the origin of the main character in a colorfully expressive backstory. One that might make a reader consider reading more about Norse comics from Oeming and Walt Simonson.AFTER REALM #2: The Origin Worthy of Simonson